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  1. I don't really think there is much that can be done i think they go bad because of the heat and the cold of being in a vehicle one thing you could try is to reformat the card but if it can't be read in windows maybe try Linux ubuntu but i'm not sure if it would still be able to be read. i have an nex 6000 that reboots once in awhile and im wondering if the card is going bad? I'm wondering if the card be taken out and copied in windows? before if goes bad.
  2. Hi I want to back up my sd card before it goes bad i downloaded the NOR Flash Backup and thought i would back that up since that what it said to do first but not sure if i really need it i downloaded it on a flash drive & put it in the radio on usb 1 but nothing happens radio just works like normal no program came up please let me know thanks
  3. Hi Sometimes the unit will reboot once in a while & sometimes it will do it 2 or 3 times in the same day then it will continue to work fine for awhile does that mean the SD card is going bad? and how can i copy the files over to a new one? before it stops working completely. would it be as easy as taking out the old one and putting it in a PC copying the files or is there more to it then that? Let me know thanks
  4. Hi I just received the harness and gps antenna for my pioneer avic 6000 but i noticed that the color is wrong for the battery + is pink instead of red i think all of the other colors for the speakers are right but i noticed one pin was not being used on the harness I'm not sure if the original one had it or not also i don't know what pin would be used for the reverse trigger? and the gps antenna does not work with my unit says there is a problem with the antenna
  5. Hi just wondering if i should make a backup of the sd card on my NEX 6000 in case in goes bad or does someone already have a copy of it? i just bought it off of ebay a few days ago i did not get any of the wires with it seller said that it works great but best buy thru away the wiring harness when it was removed from the car but i did figure out what pins are needed to power it up and it seems to be working but did not test it for sound or to see if the gps works yet. let me know thanks
  6. ok thanks for letting me know
  7. Hi i just bought a avic 6000 from ebay but it did not come with any cables i want to know what kind of aux cable i will need for it. i know it can do audio&video out of the 3.5 jack but can i use a regular 2ch. audio cable? or will it ground out the video part of the jack when using it? let me know thanks
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