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  1. Update 10/10/21: I was able to rip the dash of my Prius apart this last weekend and pull out the unit and replace the SD card. I found out the hard way that the 4500 is different than the 4400 when dismantling—the video posted here helped a lot though. I had to improvise a bit and I removed the ribbon cable from the DVD unit at the motherboard—it was easier than from the unit. Also, I wasn’t able to slide out the display mount easily, so I decided not to force it. Instead, I popped the clips of the surrounding plastic frame and the ribbon cable was connected to the board was
  2. Hi all. New to the site as searched for the reason as to why my 1.5 year old AVH-W4500NEX s**t the bed—and it certainly looks like the SD card issue. I noticed that my steering wheel controls started flaking and then the unit started going into a boot loop not long after. Since I have it installed in an older Prius, I have to rip the entire dash apart to get the unit out. I didn’t want to go the “Russian” route as some people mentioned touchscreen problems. So I went to Pioneer and gave them a piece of my mind. They felt so bad that they offered to replace both my radio and my car with
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