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  1. Thanks for you reaction. The illumination wire is not connected, i know that. However, there is a shortcut function in the navigationscreen where you should be able to turn on and off the nightmodus manually. I find it extremly weird they give you this option when it can't work without the illuminiation wire connected. So i am curious if anyone knows a way to bypass the wire through the hack, and make the manual method work.
  2. Good afternoon guys, So i recently bought a VW with a F930BT installed. I managed to update the maps and firmware thanks to this site. My only problem now is that the nightmode doesn't work. Yes i read something about an orange wire thats propably not connected, but i am no mechanic. I would like to know if there might be a way to bypass that and make the manual night/day modus function work. So i am not looking to make it automaticlly. I think its extremely weird that function doesnt work, since it shouldnt need the orange wire to be connected. Maybe there is something that i can do in
  3. Thanks, working like a charm on my f930bt. Before i found this, i had a higher software installed. The hack caused my system to downgrade to 8.000. Now i have everything installed, can i safely update my system again to 8.6 though the official site? Or can this harm the system since i used the hack? cheers!
  4. He boys, recently bought a car with a avic f930bt installed. I got one big main issue; the night modus doesnt work. Ive updated the firmware but it didnt help. Now im thinking it could be that the map doesnt support night modus, but i think its unlikely. Anyway, i would love to have the files for the 2015 map or newer! And if anyone knows another way to solve my problem, please let me know! Guido Edit; Ive been reading something about a orange wire, thats not connected. But the avic has a 'quick acces' function where u can toggle nightmodus manually. It would extremly w
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