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  1. Update: The 4500nex image that I used that's floating around here does NOT work with the Maestro RR steering wheel controls. I flashed the maestro rr with a configuration for the 4500nex radio and once plugged into the car it didn't seem to recognize the maestro and none of the steering wheel buttons worked. I took the radio out and popped back in my working blue stock sd card pictured above and everything worked as it should. I guess I'm just going to use the stock SD card until it fails in a year or two and hopefully a reliable/true 4500nex image will be around by then to use on an SD card.
  2. Thanks for providing this image. I just bought a working 4500nex and decided to put in a new SD card from the start. I also own a 4400nex in another car and it had failed, so I was familiar with the process and wanted to be proactive with this new unit. I was surprised to see there was not a reliable image for the 4500nex model like there was for the 4400nex. Seeing your post, I thought you actually had a copy of the 4500nex firmware, but after extracting your rar file and cloning it on a Windows machine using imageUSB to a new SD card, I installed it and noticed a few things that led me
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