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  1. EHS

    Avh2avic from Asd

    All set everything back up and running! APPRECIATE your help on this!!!!
  2. Has anyone else bought the sd card from asd on ebay avh2avic? I bought one from him last year and just got around flashing my 4500 to 8500. Everything works great but Mrr. He had sent an email with instructions to program Mrr after the flash so it would work which I can't seen to locate. I am sure with what's going on with Russia/Ukraine he is being sanctioned. And may not be able to help.Question is again if someone has also done the swap here maybe someone would have the instructions and could help me out. The serial # didn't change but in Maestro I can't select the 8500 and use the 4500 ser
  3. The original s/n number is not working on mrr I had instructions you sent no clue where they are..any way of getting the instructions again that you send out when people purchase the sd card.
  4. Hello asd255 I bought the avh2avic to fix and upgrade pioneer boot loop on 4500nex .. about a year ago amd just installed in radio which worked as promised however issue I'm having is that I cannot get maestro to work .you had sent me the instructions which I've lost .pr
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