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  1. I have an AVIC 6200 NEX and it is boot looping. I have already tried ordering an SD card on eBay but I believe it has the wrong image on it. Does anyone on here know where I could get the proper SD card? I’m not great with software so if anyone knows where to get a pre-loaded card, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I ask because I ordered an internal se card off eBay but the pictures show the radio as a 7000nex and the as card isn’t working in my 6200nex
  3. Which sd card can I use for the avic 6200 nex.
  4. Did you find this?
  5. You found one for the 6200? Would you mind sharing it with me?
  6. Anyone have any luck getting this? I think it’s the same one for my Avic 6200 nex
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