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  1. Hello lehe, Can you please share your AVIC-5000NEX Image ? Then I can try it with my AVIC-F960BT, the image are the same for both. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Hello lehe, Is the GPS working on your 5000NEX wit your image ? Tried yesterday to turn on the GPS but I don't have the files of them on my image. Thank you
  3. Hello, For all who are searching for an internal image of F960BT or 5000NEX here is a link. https://bitly.ws/XTwr I just try it on my AVIC-F960BT EU5 and it works like a charm. You need a 4GB SD Card. Just download the torrent an then copy the image file to the SD Card with the program Win32 Disk Imager. Thanks to the guy who uploaded the image unfortunately I don't know who it is. I hope I helped some folks.
  4. Hello, My avic f960bt eu5 bricked does anyone has an image ? Thank you for your help
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