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  1. ^"Press and hold the "Talk" button (just to left of Volume -+" all this did was mute volume is there another button to left of volume? thanks
  2. I'll rephase how to not turn radio on w/ ACC on? how to turn radio off w/ engine on? do I have to add my own switch? I am aware of the yellow constant 12VDC an red switched 12VDC. thanks for advising
  3. Pioneer AVIC-Z110bt caution screen may appear reversed Well I just had to have a backup camera now I have no display an my buttons are locked. I do have the AVICs green connected to the RP4GM11 adaptor red w/white trace (which is the parking brake) before I did this connection I was unable to enter addresses in the NAV, parking brake must be ingauged. I have the camera power an the video signal cables power connected to the chevy express's green reverse wire an grounded to body at HU end just the RCA plugged into the brown RCA. in settings the camera was on an polarity was bat
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