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  1. just updated my d3 with cndv 100mt europe disc's

    I'm getting the same thing with the north american east disc. It works fine for about 40 minutes and then the screen will flutter and then just stop the sytem turns off....restarts....turns off etc., It onlys seems to do this if I put in a destination/router etc., If I'm not nagivating it is fine. Can I just go BACK to the 90MT? Are there any issues if I put the old disc in? Thanks,
  2. Won't Accept Password

    Thanks for that tip. I know I have the correct password. I get pretty crazy about stuff like this...at lunch I just went in and reflashed...saying what the hell...It's going to costs me $250 (with shipping) to have Pioneer fix it. May as well wreck it and buy something less annoying. Funny thing....problem solved. No more password. I can't beleive they charge $200 for that. I've bought alot of Pioneer stuff over the years but this thing has caused me to re think.
  3. I've seen the posts questioning whether the unit is stolen. My unit is NOT stolen. I can provide a fax/pdf of receipt / pictures with original boxes etc., if anyone can IM and help me. I put a brake controller in my truck today. Took the negative off the battery. I made sure I had my manual with the password written down before I did this. It won't accept the password. Where were you born...not a hard question but either I typed it wrong originally or something is up with the unit...for some reason I have another password written down. I've tried both and combinations of the two...no luck. I searched and see reference to Master Reset with the Remote. I'm having no luck finding the steps. I can get into the service menu. If anyone can IM to provide help I'd be extremely thankful and as I noted I can prove that I am the original owner and it was a legtit purchase.
  4. 2008 Chevy LTZ 2500HD - Need install help

    Search my posts. I have some detail on my install. I have a 1/2 tonne 2007 nbs. Don't hold me too it but I'm guessing they will not be a whole lot different. The steering wheel wire will be right there when you take out the stock. Read the PAC SWIPS instructions carefully and you'll have no problem there. I have the details of my interface but double check to ensure they work with both. My Onstar works fine. Came with the chime module so all that annoying s**t still dings away. Metra for dash kit. It comes closest to color match. Some small gaps in the top left of mine but overall pretty good integration.