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  1. AVIC N2 Map goes Blue

    I had it do the blue thing once when it was in my truck a 2004 Dodge Ram. I removed it a couple of months ago, then a buddy wanted it so we put it in his 2001 Ford Supercrew 2 weekends ago. Sometimes the map will work fine, but you can drive into blue. We thought it might be an antennae so we put in a new GPS antenae with the same symptoms. It hasn't successfully uploaded a navigation (won't tell you where to go). Also sometimes it asks for the disk to be inserted when it's already in the drive.
  2. I've got a problem with my N2, I can be driving along and it's like I drive into a lake or something the map drives into blue. Also the navigation will not navigate to anywhere using phone number search or any of the other ways. Any ideas?
  3. AVIC N3 Custom Background Help

    anybody know?
  4. Slope reading doesn't work...

    How do you find the VSS wire ? I've got a 2004.5 Dodge Ram Diesel
  5. AVIC N3 Custom Background Help

    Is there a limit to the number of background you can have in the BG folder. I downloaded a bunch but only the first 20 or so are read.
  6. purchesed avic n3

    [quote name="PaisanNYC"]Don't forget to do the parking brake ground as well, to fully bypass. [img]http://avic411.com/forum/files/avic_n_bypass_155.jpg[/img][/quote] Is the Parking Brake ground necesary. I had an installer friend that told me if the ground is never hooked up you won't get the warning on start up and is not needed after the bypass is done to the unit.