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  1. So I've been debating whether or not I wanted to post this or not for a while, and today I decided to. I searched for similar topics here and found a few where people point out that you have to change the settings so it takes the shortest route, the longest route, etc, but I really don't see how that applies to what seems like blatantly poor route planning and directions. Does anyone else have issues with their Z? And I mean the directions are down right completely wrong! In November I programmed in an address for Lake Zurich IL. While heading east on Lake Cook Road, it wanted me to go past Route 12 by a block, make a u-turn, then come back and make a left turn (instead of making a right turn onto 12 from the intersection I was at). Today I punched in an address for a dentist in Barrington IL. As I approached the building, it wanted me to turn left which would put me on the opposite side of a 6 lane road (instead of turning right and in their parking lot). Keep in mind these were both long established addresses, there was no construction, detours, etc to have to navigate around (and these are just two examples I have, there's been many more). I have found a workaround to this, or at least what seems to be one: enter the city first, then the address. But since the address is the first entry point on the screen I don't see why the info needs to be entered backwards. I also have to believe I'm not the only one with this issue. Mine is a Z110BT upgraded to a Z140BT thanks to the help of everyone on this forum...
  2. I thought you just have to touch the white and red direction indicator to switch to always North, but I just tried and it doesn't change.
  3. I didn't do anything with TestMode, was I supposed to? I thought following pionara's supereasy method bypassed using TestMode. I ran Condi's automatic RenewallFLib installer, then did the upgrade. Last night I tried reinstalling the upgrade twice and it's stable during that. I just reformated my card and reloaded the files to give it another go. UPDATE: Well much to my surprise (and relief), doing a longer battery pull fixed the issue. It's no longer stuck in bootloop and I was able to successfully update the BT firmware and everything seems to be working great now. Thanks to everyone that made the upgrade possible and RonS for helping me out
  4. Well a quick battery pull did nothing. Of course the units internal memory retained all the settings and it's still stuck in a bootloop. I did manage to get into the settings menu and reset to factory defaults, but that didn't help. I was also able to get to XM and can verify that works, and when it reboots I loose audio for just about a second before it comes back on. So it's not like it's fully shutting down. I'll try disconnecting the battery for a longer period, but I have a feeling that's not going to make any difference. Any other idea's?
  5. I've never had an issue with the great work posted here, and have been successful in upgrading my 110 to 120 then to 130. However tonight I'm at a loss. I believe I'm successful in upgrading to 140, but I'm stuck in a bootloop of sorts. I first did Condi's RenewallFLib loader, that went off without a hitch. Next I did the upgrade, and all went well getting to 100% and a reboot. The unit warned me it was doing the update. A few minutes later it restarted and I was presented with the language screen, but then the unit immediately rebooted back to my custom boot screen. After that, I saw the language screen again, then another reboot. I was able to select English as my language, then you guessed it, another reboot. I could then select the English voice, then another reboot. If I'm fast enough, I can get into the map, settings etc, but then it just reboots itself again. I reread the instructions, realized I hadn't replaced the VERINFO.DAT file, so did that and tried again. Unfortunately I'm still stuck in the bootloop. I searched for restart/reboot and didn't see that anyone else had posted this issue. Any ideas on what might have gone wrong?
  6. z11 to z14 upgrade?

    Count me in.
  7. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    Just curious, where did all the seeders go? I jumped backed on and see I'm the only one?
  8. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    I can confirm that everything works. Just make sure when doing ShortFuse's update that you copy AVICZ110\EU090APL.VER and AVICZ110\APL\RenewalIFLib.dll into their respective directories (my mistake was thinking they both go into the root folder). After swapping out traffic tuners, the BT update installed without issue. Thanks to everyone that was trusting enough to send their money in, and to rgarjr for going out of his way to order it and create and post the torrent.
  9. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    You can use any SD card. In fact, if you have a 4GB or better card, you can do this with just one. Format the card to FAT32, load it with SD1 and install it. Then format the card again, load it with SD2 and complete the install. When I first upgraded I only had one 8GB card (actually a MicroSD with adapter) and that's how I did it. I just made sure I left the ignition on while I was doing it, just in case.
  10. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    I looked around as soon as I found out I'd have to buy a new one back in April. I managed to get mine for $48 shipped thru Amazon, needless to say I didn't hesitate to buy it. A week later they doubled in price...
  11. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    I'm a PC and I use uTorrent. You're on your own setting it up though!
  12. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    Nope, just the one seeder and several leechers.
  13. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    I still see someone seeding at 100% followed by someone at a close 71%.
  14. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    Awesome, thank you rgarjr!
  15. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    I have also sent my payment.