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    Drag racing, play guitar and sing, write songs. Tai-chi and Shaolin Kempo. Modding my 2005 Mustang.
  1. I think that is the lane change warning. Turn that off and see if it solves the problem.
  2. Good job, especially like that it shows the source on the map view.
  3. You can give my V3.0 a shot as that is based on Diaftias mod. If they worked in Diaftias mod, then they will work in my V3.0 as I have not touched anything regarding the speedcams, mostly because we dont have them here in this part of the country and I have no way of testing it. That was actually the first that I heard that the audible warning was not working in the 2.75, so I would really like to know if they work in my V3.0. ALSO, MAKE SURE THAT WHEN CHANGING MODS, THAT YOU ALWAYS DELETE THE IGO FOLDER 'My Flash Disk\User\UserData' AS THERE ARE A LOT OF PARTS OF THE MOD THAT WILL NOT WORK IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS!! Actually this was 3.0, got confused, sorry. I commented out the warning distance line is sys.txt and now the audible warning works, can't shut the beep off tho. I'll keep digging, thanks.
  4. I love a lot V2.75 too, especially for its correct Smartzoom operation. Last try: 1) Delete \My Flash Disk\User\UserData\iGo and all folders and files under it (iGo configuration files). 2) Delete the following line in your SYS.TXT file: warn_distances="130:1400,125:1400,120:1400,120:1400,115:1400,113:1400,100:1400,97:1400,95:1400,90:1400,89:1400,85:1400,80:1400,75:1400,72:1400,70:1400,65:1400,64:1400,60:1400,56:1400,55:1400,50:1400,48:1400,45:1400,40:1400,35:1400,32:1400,30:1400,25:1400,24:1400,20:1400,15:1400,0:1400" Commenting out that line in instruction 2 did the trick, except I can't get that annoying beep to stop. Prefer the voice warning. I'll keep digging, thanks for the help.
  5. Dig into the Nav Settings->Warning and enable everything. Sorry for your ticket dude. Did that, no go. I tried every combination I could. Put the daftia back in for now, even tho I like the mod v2.75 a lot.
  6. I live in Winnipeg where we have speed/redlight cameras. Just got a $228.25 for driving 64kph in what I thought was a 60Kph zone. Having said that, with the V2.75 I cannot get an audible alert when approaching a speed cam, though the icon showing the camera does show up. I reverted to daftia's mod and that one does alert, either voice or buzz. Any idea why one works and the other doesn't?
  7. My GFX folder is about 130 mb. You will have to delete some maps and POI's that are not used. Also, delete the old GFX folder before you install mine The only gfx folder in my x910bt is part of the data.zip file. Should I take that out?
  8. Great job, sent you some beer money! Thanks
  9. Say what? I got 2 tickets last year from speed cameras. I live in Winnipeg and we have them everywhere. Big money grab for the gov't
  10. Help me What can I do now

    I had the same problem after doing that 3.1 upgrade. Sweating and swearing I tried several things, finally I downloaded the 3.02100 update from Pioneer, using winrar I expanded the files to an sd card, then I booted the system from another sd card with the testmode folder. After the windows ce booted on the head unit I switched to the sd card with the update folder "LPUE080". I copied the contents of the LPUE080 folder into the "My Flash Disk" folder on the x910bt, overwriting the existing folders there. I got an out of space error so I deleted everything in the My Flash Disk folder and started the copy again. Rebooted the system and everything worked, except all the hacks were gone so I had to redo the 2 I wanted.
  11. D3 GPS Antenna vs X910

    Would the GPS antenna from an X901BT work on a D3? I sold a D3 and found that the GPS antenna from the d3 worked on my X910. I didn't want to have to pull the D3 antenna out and re-run it to the back. The purchaser of the D3 says when he connects the X910 antenna to the D3, the unit reports no GPS Antenna. Is there a difference besides the plastic adapter (which I switched)?
  12. NaV Disclaimer/warning

    Does anyone know of a hack so I don't have to select OK if I start the system up in map mode?