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  1. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? CNDV-110MT Map update disks are good for all AVIC - D and AVIC - N models.

    OK, I downloaded and installed PowerISO, burned the ISO to a DL DVD and it STILL doesn't work. OK, I figured the damn thing out. It's working fine now. I like working with the ISO rather than the RAR file. Now, I was wondering, since I have the ISO opened up in PowerISO could'nt I just replace some PIM files with custom backgrounds of my own? I'm thinking all I would need is a program to convert JPEG files to PIM files and know which directory to put them in. Am I right?

    OK, I downloaded and installed PowerISO, burned the ISO to a DL DVD and it STILL doesn't work. not sure why it wouldn't work. i burned last years and this years update the same way. did you make sure you verified the disc? Yep, I burned at 2x (the slowest it would allow) and varified the disk too.

    OK, I downloaded and installed PowerISO, burned the ISO to a DL DVD and it STILL doesn't work.

    I'll thry that, thanks. Currently I just right clicked on the ISO file in Windows and hit "send to DVD RW Drive", considering that is all I can do with. I have no control over the burn speed and I have no idea if this will even work. If it doesn't I will download PowerISO like you suggested.

    No, I can't go back. Here is what I did, maybe it will clearify it better. After I downloaded the ISO, I then extracted the RAR file to a new folder on my desktop. When I try to burn the ISO file with Alcohol 120% it simply shows the folders on my drive, like if you open your Windows Explorer and see what's on C drive. I try to chose the ISO file to burn but all it does is display the files in the ISO file like shown in the pic. Did that make any sense?

    Yes, I know I need to burn the ISO but it won't let me. It will only open the file as seen on the pic I posted, it will not let me burn the ISO file itself. Any idea why?

    Ok, I downloaded the ISO, now which one of these circled files in the image below do I burn to DVD? I'm using Alcohol 120% and a Memorex DL DVD. This is the only option of files that Alcohol 120% will let me burn.
  9. VSS Wire location, 2007 Corvette?

    It would be easier to tap it at the the instrument cluster IMHO. The VSS wire is a dark green wire with white stripe located at pin 6 on the instrument cluster plug. I posted a write-up with pics here on how to install a D2 in a C6 Corvette, will be the same for a D3, Z2, etc. Mine has both Bose and OnStar but I also give info on the non-Bose and OnStar wiring. The reverse gear wire is the same whether you have Bose and OnStar or not. Since you don't have Bose or OnStar you will only need one harness, the Peripheral GMCO. It acts as both a databus and chime module. Here is a link to my write-up: CLICKY HERE Good luck.
  10. New Pioneer map upgrades

    I would be interested in this as well. Anyone? Anyone?
  11. 2007 Update discs from bittorent

    ^ What he said.
  12. cleaning the screen

    I just wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. It cleans the fingerprints off quite nicely.
  13. Actually, someone of that "fabrication skill" knows only a moron would cut and splice into the cars stock wiring harness when a good quality T-tap will work just fine (and can be removed without damage to the stock harness). Uhh…you mean that metal alloy consisting of distinct percentages of two or more metals used to join metal items together by applying heat and allowing them to cool which results in a metal alloy bond between the metals that secures the connection and promotes good electrical conductivity? Yeah, a quick perusal of the original post shows that solder stuff you mentioned was, in fact, used when needed to make electrical connections unrelated to the stock harnesses. I didn’t even have to read to see that, there are little pictures of it…weird. But thank you for the back handed compliment.