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  1. X950BH MAPS?

    I was told by Pioneer that they plan on releasing the map updates every other year. so 2016 should be coming soon.
  2. New Map Update CNDV-1000HD

    This must be a BIG upgrade if its shippin with 2 discs oppose to the one it usually uses. Wonder how big a change is gonna happen...
  3. Well I might say that them European people are the first to get there 2010 Map Update. At least we all now know they exist and the color of the discs but I dont think it has any firmware on it. Looks like its just a damn map update but then again, the North American version might get it. Fingers crossed... http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/products/CNDV-100MT/print.html
  4. AVIC D3 DVD drive scratching all DVDs

    Yup, samething with me. My CD's are alright but when I put in my map disc(burned) after awhile it stops workin and have to constantly keep reburning a new one. Haven't tried anything to clean it yet as well. Anybody know a solution???
  5. Any word yet?

    Hey what's up y'all? I'm just taking the chance and askin if anybody knows or has an idea of when the 2010 map updates will be droppin for the D1/2/3 series? Heck, what's it even gonna be called, the CNDV 100MT???
  6. Official 2010 Road Show Q&A

    Can you ask them when will the 2010 map updates be released for the D series and will it be just a map update or an actual hardware upgrade as well??? Thanks
  7. Plug & play or fresh install???

    Hey y'all. I'm really curious on this. I'm minutes away from gettin the new Pioneer AVIC-X920BT and was wondering, since I have a D3 installed in my car, can I just disconnect the D3 and basically do a plug & play with the AVIC-X920BT OR do I have to re-wire and do a entire fresh install with the AVIC-X920BT??? Hopefully its a plug & play just to avoid tearin out the car again Anybody know if its possible?
  8. Pioneer unveils AVIC-X920BT @ CES!

    I'm real curious on how much will cost. I been holdin off on most of these new navi's. Ever since I got the D3 I been good but this new navi caught my attention and in a sense it look a lil like an upgraded D3. Hope it comes out soon and for a decent price.
  9. CNDV-90MT Improvements and Flaws

    I just noticed that one of the banks in my city (Royal Bank RBC) no has its logo on the POI. I see it on the map display.
  10. CNDV-90MT are NOW POSTED

    Both discs work. Good job SWDW and thanks a million... Been seedin for about 4 hours
  11. CNDV-90MT are NOW POSTED

    Eh Ryan u get it workin yet or still not able to download?
  12. CNDV-90MT are NOW POSTED

    Hey, question. After updatin the map, should I reset the unit???
  13. CNDV-90MT are NOW POSTED

    Just throw it in and it will update automatically. Just throw it in, sit back and smile
  14. CNDV-90MT are NOW POSTED

    Currently seedin the west disc as we speak. Gonna log off for a bit and burn me a copy of the west then seedin again will start.
  15. AVIC411 got a new toy!

    Was wonderin where u been hidin out at Jason. Now I see what u were doin