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  1. Upgrading z1 noob help!

    Easiest method, I'd recommend going to Pioneerelectronics.com and purchasing an upgrade DVD.
  2. Z1 screen

    Might be able to find one on ebay. Or the last resort, I believe you can order the part from Pioneer which might be costly.
  3. Still The Best

    The newer units do have new features that are nice like smartphone app support, etc. But when the Z first came out it, was one of the first units to use a hard drive.
  4. fried rear view camera input

    Yup, happened to me too pretty recently. Didn't recall a burning smell. Just the rear view camera input fried out with a black screen. Looks like its a design problem.
  5. fried my rear camera input...

    Old thread, but this happens alot i noticed with the Z owners. My input did it on its own after about one year use of the rear view camera. After a year, it started to produce distorted image and finally went black. Camera was fine, looks like the input for the reverse camera fries after a certain time.
  6. ^^ Yeah, your gonna have to go into options and switch the turn guidance view to be from 3D to 2D.
  7. I didn't like keeping my map view in DRIVERSVIEW Mode during reaching a destination BUT, I did like my turn prompts to be the DRIVERSVIEW, it really helped gauge the distance of the upcoming TURNS, as opposed to the 2D turn prompts. But yeah I miss it.
  8. No rear view image

    Yeah, first check to see if your Back up camera is turned ON in your OPTIONS menu in the AV Settings. Second thing to check is the Reverse wire signal that runs from the Navi and into the Reverse signal (usually the green wire). If both everything seems fine and the camera is not broken, you probably had the same thing that happened to many Z1 units that had the Reverse Camera circuit that went out. There was a thread about it but can't find it. Its an internal hardware issue and affected alot of Z1's.
  9. Playing music from Aux on Avic-z3

    To clarify, connect the RCA (yellow and white) cable on the back of the Z3 to the input labelled AV INPUT. I noticed you have to then play around with the settings. You have to select in Audio options; AV Input, select Video, then you get sound. For some reason, I have have to turn OFF AUX. Reason why this method is cheaper because the AUX cable from Pioneer doesn't use RCA on the end going into the unit, it has its own propreitary input going into the unit and its expensive. The RCA to 3.5mm cable is alot cheaper so thats why Garrettromney recommends this method. I thought all you do in connect the RCA cables to the harness labeled AV INPUT, then turn on AUX in the audio settings.....and thats it....but to get sound, I had to turn OFF AUX, and then select VIDEO within the AV input option, kinda counterintuitive.
  10. Z2 Dead after Car Accident

    Glad you are okay. I agree, most likely a blown fuse, and also wouldn't hurt to check all your harness connections behind the Navi unit.
  11. 2012 maps

    Just updated mine. I noticed a nice easter egg feature: If you have custom background pictures + Boot Up Screen, those still remain unchanged after the update! Thats a nice touch. My impressions 1) So far the map seems better than TeleAtlas, the updated POI is great, as well as the additional 3D map icons 2) I do miss the close-up 3D view of turn by turns
  12. Updated Z2 DVD setup button grayed out.

    Hmmm, How are the harness/wires in the back of the unit? Any disconnected? Might be worth a check.
  13. Will there be a 2011 upgrade for Z series

    No word on a 2012 Map update but there is a February 2012 Gracenote Database update that was released. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/GPS-Navigation/AVIC-Z1+Z2+Z3+Gracenote+CDDB+Database+Update
  14. You will have update for 2012?

    I think we have an international AVIC411 member. Its ok. I think he was inquiring about the 2012 Map Update for the Z3. From the looks of it, Pioneer has skipped their 2011 release and are going forward with a biennial release so we should see one MID-END of 2012.
  15. Will there be a 2011 upgrade for Z series

    Well, anyone hear any updates on the 2012 Z3 map update?