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  1. Map Updates

    u got a Honda right? wat kind? if you have one of the newer ones that has steering wheel controls....do you have the module where it will make it work? if you do, does it work ok? i have an 06 Si and just got the f90bt installed in. i loved my steering wheel control and wanted to see if it worked ok with yours or anyones Honda 06 and above. I have a '06 Civic and I have the PAC-SWIPS steering control installed. It works, sort of. It is VERY quirky and doesn't work 100% of the time. On other forums they talk about making sure you install it with the engine running, and I didn't do that -- which may explain some of my issues. It seems to work much more reliably if I let the system boot up completely before I touch anything. Even when it works perfectly, there is a little delay compared to the original operation -- not a big deal though, you'll get used to it. The only other beef I have is that you can't program it to do some of the mode changes, and more advanced features. Bottom line: make sure you know what you're doing when you install it. Read all of the other forum comments, and expect that you might have to go through a couple to find one that works (my experience).
  2. Bypass and mute wire

    I have the F900BT and I need to get an Ipod classic - are you saying that the new ones will not be fully functional with the unit? I really want the voice control to work. If I'm going to get an iPod - should I choose from the Pioneer supported ones or is there some specific iPods that work best? Earlier question regarding steering wheel controls - I went with the Pac Audio SWI-CAN/SWI-PS (Mercedes C class) - works great with the unit - track up/down, mute, volume up & down. I would like to see if I can program the voice prompt so that I do not have to touch the unit. One other side note - CD changers do not work with the FSeries - I guess they are a thing of the past. I had an iPod Touch. Music and voice control worked w/o issues. Video didn't work at all. It's in the Owner's Manual and on the web if you look, but not advertised well. The basic F-series adverts listed iPod Touch. Soooo, I sold my Touch and bought a Classic. And EVERYTHING works like a charm. Video, music, VR. If you buy a Classic with the F-series it will work. However, once you start getting greedy with all those Gigabytes, your load time goes up like crazy!!
  3. should i get it ?

    That's why I should never listen to the guy at the store... He led me to believe that the 4v outputs were going into my stock speakers and would give me a cleaner sound.
  4. should i get it ?

    nope. maybe the output voltage doesn't matter. I'm not a techie. I do know that it sounds significantly better than my factory stereo whatever the reason -- with no changes to the rest of my system. (I was pretty much tapped out just buying the radio - first things first.) Sorry for the confusion.
  5. F90BT questions, bypass, etc.

    HiFiSi, I hear so many people say that. I agree that it's a terrible idea to be typing in addresses or searching POI's while moving. However, pretty much everyone here bypassed their system to be able to do just that. Who REALLY pulls over and stops EVERY time they need to do a search for the nearest In-N-Out? I think its naive to believe that people will really do that. Heck, people are already violating California's law to use hands-free headsets with their cell phones (which has been shown to only marginally reduce the risk of distracted driving anyway). And what about the times when you have a passenger that can very safely operate your nav? Most of the top-end NAV systems (except the F) have voice nav now. I think it's much safer to press the multi-switch and say "Find 123 Elm Street" or "Take me to the nearest Hooters" than messing with the display. I think Pioneer needs to seriously consider how difficult it would be to add this into a firmware upgrade (understanding that the RAM in the radio is obviously limited). Just my 2 cents. If this is supposed to be top-of-the-line, then...
  6. should i get it ?

    IMHO, You pretty much have to answer a lot of these yourself. I was very pissed at first, but after messing with my F90BT, I am starting to get used to it and really like it. - Yes, it should be able to drive all of your speakers in your Wolf. And, yes, my factory Honda Civic speakers sound much better with the 4V outputs. - XM radio works well and sounds great. - CD's and DVD's will play no problem. - The iPod interface is fine -- as long as you don't have an iPhone or an iTouch (and then you won't get video). With my iPod Classic, I do have to re-connect it every once in a while after a re-start (seems random). The iTouch never had that problem (but I sold it to get video options with the Classic). - The navigation maps are pretty darn new. There's a freeway interchange and a few roads just built in my neighborhood (open in the last 9 months) that are already in the F-series map database. And the navigation is fairly smooth. Not perfect, but I would love to find someone who says their nav system is PERFECT. I tried a back roads shortcut to my house the other day and after my second turn off the main road (all nav systems try to get you to go back to the main streets), the system nailed my "off-the-beaten-path" route. - Navigation updates should be cheaper - or at least easier to download and load into your radio -- since you'll be loading them via SD-cards and not waiting for CD's to be mailed to you. The things you'll have to decide about (at least until the firmware fix): - Bluetooth blows. Forget about using it to make calls. Some people only have the problem periodically. My BT is useless. - Phone Contact Voice recognition. The system will not recognize "Call John Smith". Which isn't that big a deal since you can't make a BT phone call that someone can hear anyway. I just disabled BT on the Pioneer and went back to my headset. - Extremely slow startup time. Especially if you have an iPod connected. Expect at least 30-45 seconds for a normal boot-up and an additional 2-3 minutes to catalog your iPod. - Skipping / pausing / etc. when trying to play music / video from USB hard drive / thumb drive or from SD-card. Seems like the system is running out of memory. - My final bitch. Which is probably worse in my car because of the install angle, but the touch-screen display is very "glare-y". It is unreadable during the day if the sun is shining in on it. Especially if you're wearing sunglasses, too. There is no way to adjust it any brighter. I had a touch-screen Garmin and it was hard to see in direct sunlight, too, but this is much worse. There are other gripes, but I have managed to either work around them or get used to them. I guess you have to decide whether you actually believe Pioneer is going to do ANYTHING about these issues. So far there's been little information. [/i][/b]
  7. F90BT zooming into outer space...

    I've had that happen a few times. It's usually when I have tried to zoom out. Did this happen to you after you tried to manually zoom out a couple of notches? What I 'think' was happening in my case is that I was being impatient and/or holding the multi-switch down a bit too long and it just locked up in the zoom-out mode. Also happened once when I was trying to mute but had some down pressure on the knob. It's annoying but usually (like you said) corrects itself in a couple of seconds or two.
  8. Sorry for a redundant post. But do any of the gurus here think that there's any hope that Pioneer will coordinate with Apple to get video from iPhone / iTouch devices? It seems a tragedy to NOT develop the programming to ensure compatibility.
  9. iPhone and iTouch workaround (Sort of)

    Thanks for the workaround. It's good that there's people in this world a lot smarter than I am. Except I'm too lazy and mechanically declined to install all that!! I'm wondering if any of the people who seem to be better connected to Pioneer, either as distributors or installers or whatever, know whether Pioneer eventually aims to shoot for compatibility with the iTouch / iPhone without some cockamamie workaround (no offense to leadfoot). Is it worth starting a new thread to gauge interest and see if we can at least "influence" Pioneer to talk to Apple and try to get the systems compatible. This was one of the main reasons I really wanted the AVIC F (my fault for not reading the propaganda more closely) so that I could have access to all my iPod media. I am assuming that Pioneer intends to eventually make the F-series compatible with the 6th gen iPods? Yes? No?
  10. To be honest, I don't completely mind it. I would prefer the option though. Some folks -- my wife included -- don't read maps that well. She can't maintain her orientation unless the map's pointed in the direction she's going. It's a nightmare when we're travelling w/o a GPS, because she can't tell right from left unless we're going NORTH!!
  11. Yep. Only in 3-D mode will the vehicle's heading be to the top of the display. As near as everyone can figure from the manual and from poking around, Pioneer didn't think you'd want that option in 2-D. Unless that's in the list of requests for the firmware update , you're always going to be oriented North-Up in the 2-D map. It is very annoying. Great point about the zoom levels, too. The "auto-zoom" feature is very finicky when compared to previous nav units I had. The best you can do is select 3-D, touch the map, and use the rotate map icon to rotate the map to as close to vertical as possible and zoom out. That mimics a 2-D heading up mode. Sort of.
  12. The F-series will ONLY do North up in 2-D mode. Don't know why. Stupid. Hopefully it will be one of the fixes in the alleged upcoming firmware fix. The only way to get your cars' heading at the top is in 3-D.
  13. Management at pioneer nav info

    Just spoke to the support team in Long Beach as well... They basically said: "For transparency, Pioneer is acknowledging all the problems with this unit and the Engineering Team in Japan is working on a firmware fix. It includes BT quality, boot time, Touchscreen responsiveness, iPod integration, Automatic time accuracy"... To the question: Should I expect Firmware only or will I have to send the unit back, he replied :"... Absolutely firmware only..." No ETA, he just recommended to register my unit to the pioneer website and check "Receive e-mail updates"... FWIW... I guess I'm relieved but surprised to hear that. FINALLY. (If it's accurate - no offense to fotostars, but 1st reports aren't often dead-on) I haven't seen anything resembling 'transparency' yet. Marketing isn't just closing the sale or obtaining new customers -- it's retaining existing customers and improving the value curve. In other words, if you're not competing just on price then you have to convince that your providing more for the dollar even if it costs more dollars. If I were Pioneer marketing I would have jumped all over this with a press release or at least a notice on their website. A vacuum of information will be filled. And usually NOT to your advantage.
  14. How do you change it to the voice that gives you text to speech? "Samantha"? The one that says "one comma 2 miles"?
  15. Ipod issues

    Anybody have success with getting video to play from an iPod Touch. Jason, I know you said you got it from your iPhone, right? It's essentially the same minus the phone... Anyone have any bright ideas? It indexes my songs and the voice playback works. Also, it indexes the songs pretty fast (I only have 275 or so, though).