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  1. Security/Anti-theft

    Hi all, what's the set up for the f900bt and f90bt regards to security? Does it have a face-off? Strange one... is it easy/possible to debadge Pioneer headunits? Thinking if I can make it look factory, it may deter prying eyes! Thanks! tJ.
  2. New AVIC F Series!

    Hey all, Have been looking at various double DIN options for a while now and came across the F900bt yesterday! I am sold. It does everything I want it to. FWIW, spoke to Pioneer UK yesterday and they're sticking by their mid-June spiel. Was wondering if anyone knew what the security/anti-theft set up is? If there is one? Does the face plate come off? And a strange one... are these Pioneer units possible to debadge..? Thinking it may be possible to make it look factory to deter prying eyes. Cheers all, tJ.