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  1. CDIB100II wont charge ipod

    Hmmmm, Well it doesnt charge either now. On a positive note the ipod touch doesnt have the lag problem. It doesnt have to que each song and you can scroll through really fast. Now too bad the display sucks so bad with only 5 characters of text
  2. I have an avic D1 with the CDIB100II and my 5th generation ipod will not charge with it. Everything works fine except the charging. The ipod will charge in my house though. The weird thing is if I connect my ipod Touch to the dock connector it works and charges. Any idea what this may be? Thanks!
  3. Slight thump with D1

    Can anyone tell me what parts I will need to create a delay for the headunit the will hold the power a few extra seconds? I believe this will solve the problem as my stock headunit stayed on for about 10 seconds after the car was turned off. The D1 does not do this. Thanks!
  4. XM Reception

    So my XM sounds slight worse then FM and not nearly as good as CD on my D1. I also drop signal occasionally when I go behind a building or through trees. My antenna is underneath the plastic under my windshield wipers, but has no metal on it. Anyway, has anyone else noticed the XM sound being sub par even with a good signal? Is there a way to check signal strength? Anything else to check? Thanks!
  5. There would be a warning that says parking break not set or lead improperly connect so it sounds like you have it right.
  6. iPod Video and AVIC-D2 Questions

    All of this is correct except it does charge. I have the 30gig video as well. [quote name="fearziz"]before I buy this I'd like to confirm it's what I need. Sorry to beat the horse but this cord---- Allows you to watch IPod Video (with or without the bypass) Allows you to listen to IPod Music (regardless of the bypass) Doesn't allow charging (whats the solution for this) If this is the case it's worth 50 bucks because no one else has it. I could care less about the IPod interface on my D2. Only thing is that I have a IPod 30gb Video. I'm not sure the cable will work.[/quote]
  7. iPod Video and AVIC-D2 Questions

    Video out of the dock connector. [quote name="iCeQuBe"]So are you saying that you can get video out of the dock connector on the iPod or is the dock connector just for charging and there is a seperate connection for video? Thanks.[/quote]
  8. Slight thump with D1

    Good deal. I ll give it a try. My only concern is making the sound too low. The only thump that is really noticable is the one when you turn it off so we'll see. Thanks again.
  9. Slight thump with D1

    Cool. So it sounds like to the factory headunit sends a low level signal through speaker wire to the amp and since I am sendign a high level signal through it thumps. DOes that sound right? As far as the RCAs so I have never wired a set tp speaker wires. I am guessing one wire will be the negative and one the positive. How do I tell which one is which? After this mod will the signal be very low and quiet? Also, are rcas on the metra harness good for anything? From lookign at the diagram I think they may be a line out??? Thanks!
  10. Slight thump with D1

    So basically drive the factory amp with a signal from the D1s RCAs instead of the from the D1s internal amp? Now the harness I am using ads 2 sets of RCA inputs, but they didnt seem to do anything. The factory radio simple output through speaker wires. The wirign pin diagram is actually on the top. Finally, will there be any harm besides the thump by keeping it this way, because it sounds pretty good. On the VSS what is the location? It is just the gray and pink wire under the seat? Thanks! [quote name="cntrylvr79"]When you wired up the harness did you use the speaker wires from the avic harness or the rca plugs? THe car has a factory amp in it obviously. What you'll have to do is grab a cheap set of rcas and cut the ends off. Solder the ends to the speaker wires of the harness for the car. Then plug the rcas into the avic. Tape up the speaker wires from the avic so they don't short. As for vss try this. Speed Sense gray/pink alarm/door lock module Notes: The alarm/door lock module is under the driver seat.[/quote]
  11. Slight thump with D1

    02 porsche 911. I experimented a bit and this is what I found. I have a very slight thump when changing sources and a fairly loud thump when turning the car off. Nothing when coming on. I do have the bose system with subs. Thanks! PS- Anyone know where the VSS wire is on this car?
  12. I hooked my D1 up to test it and everythign works great except I get a slight amp thump through the stock subs when I turn the car off and the D1 powers down. Any thoughts?? Note this is a thump or pop when I turn the unit off. Ill have to go back and notice it it happens when I turn it on as well.
  13. iPod Video and AVIC-D2 Questions

    I tried my cable out last night and it looked great. I still need to connect it to power so it will charge, but defintely worth $50!
  14. What would happen.......

    This is pretty cool. Has anyone tried the ND-BT1 with a D1/D2? So with your sons phone you were able to get full functionality? Does the phone book appear on the screen? Does an icon appear for phone? Or is it simple hands free and everything must be done from the phone, ie dialing, answering, etc.
  15. iPod Video and AVIC-D2 Questions

    I have it, but havent had the chance to hook it up as of yet. It has a power and ground wire as well so it charges the ipod while plugged in. [quote name="DogTaco"] [quote name="quest"]I bought this. It charges and sends audio and video. Seemed like a good solution withg the pioneer unit beign so slow. [url=http://cgi.ebay.com/5G-Video-iPod-Pioneer-AVIC-N1-AVIC-N2-AVIC-N3-AVH-P7500_W0QQitemZ200030071149QQihZ010QQcategoryZ58350QQtcZphotoQQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem]http://cgi.ebay.com/5G-Video-iPod-Pione ... dZViewItem[/url][/quote] That seems like a great solution - I wonder how it charges from the RCA jacks? Have you received it yet? I'm curious to know how it performs![/quote]