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  1. Background Issue 2330 NEX

    Format is a JPEG, size is 800 x 480. Is that not correct?
  2. Background Issue 2330 NEX

    Just put a 2330 in my Vette and am having issues adding a custom image for the background via a usb drive. I’ve read that these head units are picky about the brand of drive it will recognize, but if I navigate to sources the drive shows up.... it however doesn’t show up in when I’m in the change background menu. Any advice is appreciated..
  3. X-9310BT No Mute Wire?

    Looks like this has been covered relentlessly about how to do the bypass. However, I had the install shop that put mine in, do the bypass. It works, with the exception of when you hit 10 MPH. It reverts. I asked about the method of how he did it, in comparison of how it's explained on here and I was told that my unit doesn't have a mute wire. That he had to ground the PB sense wire and add a wire for the mute, or something to that affect. He said to bring it back, that the wire he added must have slipped out. Anyone have any input on that? I'm just trying to feed correct info, so I don't have to keep bringing my car back. Thanks in advance! Oh, the install is in a 2007 Yukon. I"m also using the harness/harnesses to retain all factory functionality such as steering wheel controls, bose, onstar, factory rear entertainment, etc.
  4. d3 bypass

    I'm having the same problem. How do I inform the installer of securing this wire in the appropriate slot "for good"? thanks.
  5. AVIC D3 Bypass with PICTURE!!!

    OK, time for my question. I had mine installed yesterday and informed the installer of the by-pass and he did it for me, however, when driving above 10mph it reverts back. Say you get above 10mph, the Nav route options become disabled (as if the parking brake were not set) and if a DVD is playing the image will go away and you get the "warning" message. Any ideas on what I could tell the installer to do or not do to fix it? My install of course is a D3 in a '04 Tahoe with OnStar and Bose.
  6. Z71 Tahoe

    This is one I just made really quick for my Z71 Tahoe. I don't actually get my D3 installed until Sunday so I hope everything works out. Feel free to use it if anyone wants!