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  1. Current Z2 Bypass Bounty

    I have friend thats did this but I haven't had a chance to try it out myself. Pretty much it's the same as the Z1. Insert a pin then ground it with the parking brake wire. BUT, you will also have to flash the dimmer wire too. Flash the dimmer with 12 volts a few time before the screen turns on. Good luck!
  2. On the preout plug... you will have to remove the mute wire and pin it just right below it and ground it. You will also have to ground the green parking brake wire too. Sorry for the confusion but this definately worked. it worked on all for installs today for me. hope this help you out!!! sorry again for the false info!!! time time its true!!!
  3. avic d3 bypass

    sorry everybody... disregard the bypass!!! that's partially right. you also have to take out the mute wire and pin it on the emtpy spot on the bottom of the mute wire. then ground it. so on the preout plug... remove the mute wire...pin it to the bottom of it (just right below the mute wire) and ground it with the green and black wire. sorry for the confusion. i just installed 4 of them d3's today! i will post the picture of the pinouts tonight or tomorrow. definately works!!! ipod function is awesome!!! sorry again for the confusion!!!
  4. avic d3 bypass

  5. Video bypass for AVIC-D3?

    just ground it with the black wire. to chassis are to the ground wire where the radio harness is.
  6. avic d3 bypass

    i just ground the green parking brake lead with the ground wire.
  7. avic d3 bypass

    install one today and i ground the green parking break wire and it bypassed the unit. i drove it around worked like a charm. i guess this time pioneer made it easy!
  8. Video bypass for AVIC-D3?

    i install one today at my bay. all i did was ground the green parking brake wire and it bypass it. just wanna let you guys know!