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  1. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    I finished the upgrade on my Porsche today, to think I paid 3k for a factory Nav to yank it out in dispair of how bad it really was is annoying even 5 months later. The install went just as the one last night, I had to keep the car running as Porsche has a system which disables the battery after 5 minutes. The good- Pandora and iPhone 4 work perfectly. I have a Pandora One account and its fast, sounds good and is amazing. HD Radio interface is much nicer XM- Is good but a bit busy with all that's going on. The ok- MSN is the same SDCard still does not support all the metatag info like album art. The stupid ecosphere icon on the nav, when you go to disable it it launches into 2D. The bad- Why did they change the icons for source when in Nav view, they are ok but the old ones were nicer. I think the ipod controls are too busy Boot time did not get faster Overall it was worth the upgrade and this is after a limited time of use. Your results maybe different. That's it for me...see you in a year!
  2. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Good luck with that, it's encrypted at the source and a specific code waiting on their server for a matched Device/Media 16 digit number.
  3. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Well I finished one update. The package comes with two SD cars, one the update for the maps/UI the other for bluetooth. Scant documentation. The SD1 goes fisrt and took 27 minutes to install. It saved my splash screen. No documentation but I saw that the 120 manual is avaliable here but for two hundred dollars a manual would have been nice. The BT took 5 minutes, paired with my new 4.0 iPhone np. Tomorrow I will do my Porsche, my only problem is the radio shuts off after 5 minutes on it, so I will have to keep it running the whole time. My quick impressions are as follows. The iPod is decent, I didn't hate the old one..the coverart on the scroll is slow so far, perhaps it caches. They cleaned up the HD Radio portion and looks better XM is nice if a bit slow again on the scrolling. The Nav has a weird 2D icon, I need to look at the manual and see what thats about. That's the quick and dirty. About 30 minutes for everything and was painless.
  4. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Wow. This is not at all worth it so I will state for the last time.... My posts were cut and pastes I was receiving from Pioneer stating either it was shipping or going to be shipped. It's rather simple as you can see I left the Pioneer Direct at the bottom. Since I ordered them last week and was charged and told they would ship. For the next 4 days I received a different answer and so did several other people. Someone then chimes in and says why are we bothering to call...well for me I am deploying on July 1st and so when someone says it is shipping that is important for me to know as they would be useless once I am gone. The fact they changed the story ( and i posted each change daily) it was becoming an issue of honesty . I was brought up to keep your opinions to yourself unless you have something to contribute, I was adding what I was hearing via email to two others getting conflicting information. So for someone to chime in about harrasing or bugging Pioneer serves no purposes...maybe to someone who didnt send them 450 dollars and needed when they claimed they had it. Get MY point? Some of you have the luxury of hanging and waiting, if they said they wouldnt have till July I would have waited till next year. Then you come in and try to cherry pick posts, talk about Pioneer reps and other gibberish, look I'm sure this important to you and you're a decent guy but I have no time for silly banter on a message board. I just wanted my upgrade and I would be on my way. Telling me you will ban actually made me chuckle, I wish that held some importance right now but getting 450 Marines ready to fight and bring them home alive dominates my thinking, I just wanted this off my todo list. Regardless, you take care and thanks for your service to the nation. Semper Fi
  5. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Oh you got some nerve telling me what to do on this forum. I tell you what, as far as I am concerned, your masquerading as a forum member and a rep from Pioneer on this forum and stepping out of line with other members in the public. Let me see you do it one more time, and you wont post on this forum again. I have some nerve? If you didn't have something positive to contribute than why did you post on the thread. You pulled two posts that were a week apart in describing the situation and tried to connect them. I am a Major in the United States Marine Corps so I have no idea what you're refering to nor do i care to get involved in whatever drama you're trying to conjour up for self-satisfaction. I am getting ready for my 7 th deployment and wanted these installed in my wifes car before I left so it was time sensitive. Sorry to have disturbed your little life. Feel free to ban, I won't have internet access for the next year. Look at my posting history, right around 11 months per. Some of you people are amazing. Carry on.
  6. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    So, Is anyone else confused by these two post from this member. To me it looks like the OP is causing more problems then he is solving with his contributions to this thread. Yeah if you can't read a date/time stamp I guess it would, luckily life moves at a different speed than posts on a message board. So the answer is probably you're the only one. These are a collection of posts over the course of a week FYI. So if you can't keep up I suggest you not post.
  7. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    FWIW We received them and they should ship Monday or Tuesday. Have a great day, Vetta Direct Sales Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. 866.214.1310
  8. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    No one bitched in this thread, the posts just highlighted the fact Pioneer didn't have the units, doesn't know when they're getting them and just tell you anything to get you off the phone. The poster who claimed we did is part of the new sensitive America that gets upset at the mere sign of discontent.
  9. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Of course HONESTY would prevent 99% of the calls which you seemed to have neglected. They charged my credit card on Monday which they clearly state on my invoice ( for two of them BTW) they do when it ships. When I asked why the status never changed I was told it would ship the next day...3 consecutive days. So get off your soapbox and deal with facts, the facts are simple, depending on who you talk to you get a different answer and that is unacceptable if its Pioneer or Jack-In-The-Box. One in every crowd.
  10. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Be sure and post your results so we can compare!
  11. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Ok, the latest word... They will ship at the start of NEXT week...for sure I was told.
  12. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Now who do we believe? 33 minutes ago they didn't have them and now they do...just like yesterday. What a company.
  13. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Not yet. We are still waiting for them to arrive. Should be any day now. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience! Have a great day, This is in direct conflict with an email someone else posted that they arrived......
  14. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    Still "awaiting shipment" Those suckers are heavy and big apparently.