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  1. Z150BH in an F150, won't power on

    What year F150? I have a 2004 with a z150bh, previously a z110bt and have had no problems. Like JohnK suggests: check your harness and also check the z130bt's fuse and your F150's radio circuit fuse.
  2. Any opinions

    I had a z110bt upgraded to a z130bt (pretty close to a z140bh and now have a z150bh. I prefer the 150. Other than being able to control Pandora and aha through Bluetooth without an adapter with the 140, I think everything else is better on the 150. But if money is a concern you can get the 140 for <$700 and a 150 is <$900.
  3. Pandora with Bluetooth Z150bh

    Try updating your iPod's firmware, my wife's iPod would not work because it wasn't up to date.
  4. Pandora with Bluetooth Z150bh

    I don't know if the old adapter will work but I do know that an iPod classic and an Android phone can be hooked up at the same time. I did notice though, that if the z150bh is started initially with an iPod connected you can not select Android in the App Mode settings. If this happens, the z150bh must be reset without the iPod connected and the Android phone set up in App Mode BEFORE connecting an iPod. Also the usb connector for Android is built into the MHL adapter and is for charging and doesn't use the same as the iPod/iPhone adapter. There is also a separate usb for charging on the rear of the z150bh.
  5. z150 bypass

    I had the same problem. I stuck a striped wire into the slot, far enough to contact the pin of the radio and then crazy glued it in place. I haven't had a problem in the two months since I installed it.
  6. Avic Z-2 XM Traffic Module not working

    I had this once with my Z1. Make sure they added traffic to your account. When I did it, they forgot to add it, even though they said they did. It is a separate service and charge.
  7. Z110 XM

    You need the Pioneer GEX-P920XM XM Satellite Tuner or I believe the older the P910 Tuner will work.
  8. Z130 back up camera

    I had a cheap $20 eBay camera(XO Vision) hooked up to my Z1 for 3 years before replacing it. It worked fine except when it was sunny out, the brightness would wash out the image. It was actually better at night with the IR LEDS. When I replaced my Z1 with a Z110, I upgraded to a Boyo VTL300 and it is great in all lighting conditions.
  9. z150bh ipod and android @ same time?

    To answer my own question; yes, both CAN be hooked up at the same time. I couldn't get my phone(Android) to work at first, I had my iPod hooked up when I tried to initially set up App mode (Android grayed out). I had to reset the Z150bh and set it up without my iPod connected. After that, I can use my Android phone in App mode and my iPod for music and videos. Pioneer tech support (email) said it wouldn't work.
  10. old ipod

    Try updating your iPod's firmware in iTunes, it worked for me. I was getting the error until I did.
  11. z150bh ipod and android @ same time?

    I was referring to the Z150, it has separate cables for an ipod and an android phone. I just don't know if they can be attached and used at the same time. Thanks.
  12. z150bh ipod and android @ same time?

    Can the AVIC-Z150bh have an iPod (classic) and an android hooked up at the same time?
  13. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to 2012 TomTom Maps Released!

    Thanks!! I guess I missed that post when I was reading this thread.
  14. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to 2012 TomTom Maps Released!

    Can someone PM me the torrent link? Please?