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  1. I don't really have a huge budget and the idea of spending sub $500 to replace it sounds great. If i see another deck I am in love with would twist my arm to snag it. The other appeal of having the Sirius antenna and nav antenna already installed is a big plus.
  2. I lost my 900Bt last night to a homie shit happens lol
  3. Some homie decided he wanted my F900BT last night. If you were me what would you replace it with? Another F900BT? a F90BT? or would you switch to another manufacture? The new Eclipse is pretty nice! Thanks in advance! (huge fan of the site)
  4. That is so freaking funny.. I just went looking for the image and found it as well. I love it.
  5. I did the update last night and just selected "Address to Transfer: All entries" Works great now! Hopefully it will work well for you as well.
  6. Update Released!! For REAL!!

    Mine is downloading now.. I will do the update my 900BT in about 20min and give an update. Maybe this will help with my BB and bluetooth
  7. update: I am very happy with Crutchfield
  8. I tried what worked for you AnonNomis.... no luck I have about 250 contacts and I had them broken into 2 categories... only syncing one group. hmmm How many contacts did you have when it worked?
  9. Blackberry Curve 8310 Help

    same boat..
  10. yep... Put in the factory ipod cable and it worked.. well came up with the "limited functions" warning. No audio as you said.. I guess I will try and get another cable .. grrrrr
  11. I did that... It is odd.. the ipod does not seem to be getting any power from the deck either.
  12. Here is the cord: http://www.crutchfield.com/App/Product/ ... 230&tp=120 For some reason when I installed my stereo the ipod does not come up. I am just about positive it is going to the right slot in the back... and I know I selected ipod under the source. What am I missing? My ipod is a few years old. Black 30gig. I even tried another newer nano with no luck. Faulty cord?
  13. Import POI(.csv) to 900bt

    That sucks... I wish it wouldn't tease me then. I mean it tells you... "SD or USB" if you select either nothing... I was just wondering if there was a specific folder or format that it liked. Similar to the "Pictures" folder for your backgrounds. I tried root directory with the .csv and then a POI folder so far.
  14. Import POI(.csv) to 900bt

    I feel like a freaking moron... I loaded a few .csv files onto my USB drive and then went to the screen where it says to import them... nothing in there... hmmmmm What am i missing here? Thanks in advance
  15. Boyo License Frame Complaint

    I have one as well... I am going to drop kick it for something more stealthy. Shoot me a PM if someone wants it.