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  1. Ipod reboots the f700bt

    My iPod started doing this as well yesterday, but I have the F900BT. It was working great and then loaded a song and whamm-o. I have re-synced and such, but when the iPod is hooked up, the unit does an infinate reboot. When un-hooked, the unit works great until you re-hook up the iPod. I have not done any modifications to this unit in over a year, so its nothing that was changed recently on the unit. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Thanks...
  2. Because, well Pioneer is Pioneer...
  3. Z120BT has all the POI included. That is for an update to a different model.
  4. New Z120BT vs. Z110BT

    Turn off Shuffle and it will be there on iPod screen.
  5. Bluetooth with Iphone

    I noticed the same thing. The ringer I have set for friends now ring through my AVIC, even when the iPhone is set to silence.
  6. z120bt + Sirius is Lame

    For years I had both. I like the sound quality of Sirius better, but XM won hands down for the interface. Once they merged, I killed off my Sirius account and kept the XM.
  7. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    For some reason, when I updated my Z110 to the Z120, the scrolling XM wheel did not activate. So on my system it was just a static picture and I could not scroll or select one of my presets. I called Pioneer and they suggested I reset my XM receiver, so I did that on Saturday morning and then everything worked as planned. So basically any problems related to the XM screen was resolved by resetting the receiver on the XM module.
  8. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    I think its worth it. I enjoy the Pandora link and the Music Sphere. Maps are now correct in my area. Aside from a glitch with the XM scrolling, which is now resolved, I am happy with it.
  9. XM Scrolling Presets

    Well what do you know, I guess the Pioneer techs hit this one on the head. I removed my XM receiver and reset it and re-installed it and now it works. I am gonna keep that case number handy in case the issue comes back.
  10. XM Scrolling Presets

    That is their way of trying to discourage you from pursuing the issue. they know most people wont want to go to the trouble. Call them back and tell them you would like a case number on the issue. Then continue to contact them every couple of weeks until they look into the issue. Tell them its an easy issue to reproduce and give them the steps to do so. They gave me a number to reference, which is #1311182. I will do what they suggest this weekend, if its still acting up, I will be calling them before I rip it all out and send it to them.
  11. XM Scrolling Presets

    Well I got an email back from the engineers asking me to call in to the support line to discuss this problem. It appears that (wait for it...) that I am the only one with this issue. They have no clue why. They suggested I pull out the XM receiver and reset it since all presets are stored in there. If I still have issues, then I will need to pull the unit and the XM receiver out of my vehicle and send it to them. Hopefully its just a reset button issue.
  12. Problem installing optional POI updates with Z110 Upgrade

    I downloaded the file and put it on the SD card I keep in the unit and it sends back an error that its incompatible with this model. Is this optional upgrade even for the Z110BT?
  13. XM Scrolling Presets

    They were all full, it doesn't matter if I am on XM1, XM2, or XM3. Hopefully Pioneer will contact me tomorrow with something.
  14. XM Scrolling Presets

    I sent Pioneer a long email about it and even sent the pictures. They did reply but with a generic "We have received your email and someone will be in contact with you shortly" response. Hope they can help me out, its not like I can re-install this update very easily.
  15. XM Scrolling Presets

    Yeah, everything in that area is unresponsive to any touchscreen reactions.