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  1. I'm confused. Are there any differences between the Z110 through the z150 or is it all just software? The reason I ask is because I have seen several threads about upgrading one system to the next. Related question which model is the cheapest/best to buy used?
  2. I have a N4 with the bluetooth module. Bluetooth only plays through the right channel. Is it possible it is the IP-Bus cable? Help?!
  3. I got a Avic N4. The disc ejecting stutters and is slow. It is to the point where I am fearful of putting a cd in it. Is there anything I can do to help/fix this?
  4. Since it seems that Pioneer will not update maps for the N models, I am wondering if there is a way to convert/hack the maps for some other receivers and put them on a disk to update the N's?
  5. I have a samsung captivate and I am working if the cd-btb200 works with the N4 and this phone? Are there some functions that don't work? TIA
  6. Cool so I don't have to get a Z130 for RDS. I wonder why Pioneer doesn't say the 110 and 120 support RDS?
  7. Can someonw with a 110 confirm this? Are you able to get RDS data?
  8. Well I would like to have RDS and I didn't know if the hardware was the same for a Z120 and a Z130.
  9. Surely someone know if at least if the hardware is different?
  10. Is there an actual hardware difference in the Z130 to have RDS work? If so, does anyone know what the hardware differences are?
  11. Can you guys recommend someone to fix my Avic N4? My screen won't come out. If I press the 'open' button it only comes out about a half inch. Can you recommend someone on Ebay or some other website to fix this? Thanks!
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