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  1. trim ring question

    Mine came with a thin piece of abs trim ring that would surround the unit to fill the gap. Think it might be in the box in the attic still never used it.
  2. After searching google for 2 hours i finally found a diagram I have attached it someone will need it
  3. D3 Factory Service Manual

    anyone want to reupload it
  4. Yes i used the search function, I have a d3 i had the dealer remove my radio when i traded it in. The pins for speed sensor reverse signal and speakers were removed from connector because they were not used in my old car. Now i want to put it in my new jeep but i need all of the wires. I have the wires just need to know where to put them
  5. Lets here the horror stories I have to send my d2 in The display stopped opening and the dvd rom drive was making some noise and the dvd wasn't responding/
  6. New map up on torrent????

    magic iso torrent. It works perfect use key in folder. It is not my file im not responsable for any problems. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3917782 ... ith_serial
  7. ftp server available for .iso's

    please pm me the server information. Im sure you pm box has been bombarded.
  8. New map up on torrent????

    I will be converting the image to dmg format for mac users it will still have password protection. You cannot oprn a UIF password protected file in osx. Magic iso is a windows program and everything i found only converts it it doesnt allow you to enter a password.
  9. New map up on torrent????

    Im currently downloading and uploading (sharing) running about 64kb both ways. Currently there are 7 leachers and 4 seeders Thanks to all who are seeding
  10. New map up on torrent????

    Hmmm, that's different. Is your disc rather old? My previous disc was CNDV-70MTP. There are other parts like GPS, System, etc. On mine, all those things matched the N5 disc, the only difference was the missing PRG file. When I did a file compare on mine, all the UC010*.* files matched mine. If you got the PRG from an older disc with an older version, all the other files are probably newer so that's why you've got mismatched files and it tried to update the language and other parts. Total guess, but I think using an older disc, you're going to need to also copy over the UC050*.* files for the D1/D2 in order for it to not update. Probably the only reason I didn't need to is my previous disc was CNDV-70MTP. Yeah, this is definitely not the official retail release. It's an "OEM" version specific for the N5. The CJ1226blahblah (forget exactly) version number is an indication of that, the real release will have a version starting with CNDV-80MP. How about a thread dedicated to the d1 mods needed for the new disk in the hack section.
  11. I have been searching other forums looking for where to hook it up. One post I found said the boise radio connector had it and where to hook it up.I did like instructed and no speed pulse is there. I have a full aftermarket system avic d1 amps and speakers. The only thing used on the oem stereo adapter is Ground and Constant 12v. I don't have a power antenna so no other connections were needed. Anyone have any experience with this. I have attached the picture from another forum with where they said to connect speed pulse. Any help will be appreciated Thanx
  12. wheni push the traffic button nothing happens
  13. D3 Ipod noise workarounds.

    OK my avic-d1 had issues when we first installed the ipod adapter. I installed a power line filter off my old avic N1 harness. Have not had a issue since. Also check the volume level and the master level on the ipod. Are most of you having a issue with windows formatted ipods or mac? Im a apple guru!!!!!
  14. it is the nav xm910 traffic receiver the non nave traffic doesnt have a secondary data cable. I typed the incorrect model
  15. Ok here is the deal. My car is/was sponsored buy a national car audio shop. I received my xm GEX-P910 free of charge including activation. I cannot manage or manipulate the xm account. I just plugged in the data cable for the first time GEX-P910 has been installed and working over 2 years but no nav traffic cable connected. I moved the brain and connected the cable on monday. It says xm updating. I get stock quotes sport scores and all xm content but no Nav traffic. The stock quotes and the sport scores were grayed out before i connected the data cable. They are now selectable and working. But traffic buttons on the far left are still grayed out. Also im using a Avic-d1 with the newest maps.