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  1. Back-up Camera (Audiovox)

    still no reply? planning to install RELAY but don't know how to..
  2. Back-up Camera (Audiovox)

    almost 2 years now and still no reply? planing to change my back-up camera to BOYO VTL354 and i don't know if they are the same wiring from my audiovox..
  3. been using my D3 since 2007 and i had a back-up camera too. my problem is sometimes the camera doesn't work. when i put into reverse image is green sometimes purple and sometimes its stuck on the image. i didn't use a relay when i installed it. i connected and tapped the 12V wire of the camera to the H/U 12v wiring and the ground as well and for the reverse wire i tapped it to the reverse lamp wire from the rear and connected the RCA at the back of the HU. its really annoying when its not working. thank you! btw, i don't know how to wire a relay... here are the pics of the image when backing up.. it happens occasionally...
  4. P3200BT Help with setup

    you mean the violet/white reverse wire from HU hraness? i also did that. i ran the 2 wires RED(+) & BLACK(-) from the back-up camera to the back of the HU and tapped it on the same color. POSITIVE(red) and the NEGATIVE(black). in short, the blue/white wire (REVERSE SIGNAL from HU) is tapped to the HOT/POSTIVE/RED/+ of the reverse lamp. then, from "back-up camera wires" RED/+ is tapped to the POSITIVE/RED wire of the back of the HU and the NEGATIVE/black wire is tapped to the reverse lamp? am i right? and ofcourse the VIDEO signal is connected on the back of the HU.
  5. P3200BT Help with setup

    im also having problem with my gf's P3200BT.. but her's get stucked on "CAUTION SCREEN MAY APEAR REVERSED" and only black screen but audio is working (if im listening to radio/cd). i tapped the camera to reverse wires POSITIVE-RED & NEGATIVE-BLACK. and i ran the VIDEO cable to the HU and same as the violet/white wire.
  6. Caution screen no backup cam

    same here.. i always reset it everytime it get stucked..
  7. Caution screen no backup cam

    i tried that already and it didnt work... changed the polarity to BATTERY and to GROUND but still the same...
  8. AVH-P3200BT BYPASS?

    do you have back-up camera? i just bought a regular 4-pin 40A relay and made my own harness... works fine but my camera aint working... =(
  9. Caution screen no backup cam

    same thing happened to my when i tried to hook-up my gf's back-up camera.. everytime i get that message (blank screen) "CAUTION SCREEN MAY APEAR REVERSED". i pressed the source button but the blank screen never go. but the audio works.. what i did is i pressed the reset button then it'll be gone. i can't hook-up the back-up camera on her car! btw, she has a P3200BT HU...
  10. i have a AVIC-D3 on my RSX bypassed both nav & dvd feature... and i have Audiovox CMOLF and its working fine everytime i put my gear on REVERSE.
  11. what do you mean by that? i have Audiovox ACA200W
  12. yes.. purple wire from HU connected to positive of the reverse lamp and 2 wires of the camera RED connected to ACC from the HU and BLACK connected to the GROUND.
  13. mine didnt work! fail
  14. i just recently installed a AVH-P3200BT on my girlfriends 01 RAV4. put all the wirings together and went smooth. i also bypassed it by using a 40A 4-pin relay and it worked fine. now i installed the back-up camera and followed the steps RED-ACC and BLACK-GND and of course the RCA video plugged in the back of the HU then after doing that i put the gear on REVERSE "R" and it didn't work. anyone here having the same problem? thanks!