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  1. Can we work on porting to android now with haret?

    A while back I started trying to port HaRET to the F90BT, it detected the processor and the fact it was running on the F90. Then as always, the paying job got in the way and I had to shelve the project for another time... The email with the patch can be found at http://lists.linuxtogo.org/pipermail/haret-devel/2010-February/000009.html. I don't think it will gracefully apply to the current git repo, but you can at least see what changes I made (though they may not necessarily be the right ones).

  2. Actually this is probably due to the way the AV and Navi boards are designed. If you look at the schematics in the F90/900/700BT repair manual found in the Hacks/Mods subforum, the audio volume and switcher control on the AV board takes several different audio sources (AV1, AV2, Navi, Tuner module, etc). Since the USB and SD audio comes from the Navi, when you modify the volume for either of those sources you're probably modifying it for all audio coming from the Navi (navigation sounds, USB and SD music, etc). All other sources (IP Bus, iPod/AV1, AV2, DVD, etc) are their own discrete sources, and probably have a different volume associated with them.

  3. yeah that didnt work, Sirius still a no go, the hd unit is the gex 920hd I think its because the 910 is for this radio


    You might want to pull the GEX-920HD out of the chain if it's between the head unit and the Sirius. I've had 2 GEX-910HDs go unresponsive to the IP-Bus since I got my F90BT. The HD Radio tuners are outsourced pieces of crap for this series.

  4. Pretty sure it's just the CNSD-200FM update Pioneer sells. Supposed to be primarily a map update, guess they bumped the APL version with it. See http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/28583-pioneer-2010-maps-cnsd-200fm/page__view__findpost__p__212683 for the version bumps "clams" saw when installed on their deck.


    I have searched and searched (even going to look on the US, EU and AU pioneer support sites) for 4.0 firmware. I just dont see anything. Can anyone provide information on this? I thought I remember reading someplace that there was a regional specific update that was being called 4.0 and was fairly minor. But searching here has yielded nothing.

  5. Thanks for your response, How can I "send a command to the uCom chip" ?


    Thanks to Diaftia mod, in the user menu I have a direct access to coreplayer and it starts correctly. But it doesn't sound !!!! :-(:-(

    I've been trying to find time to answer that very question. Looking at the service manual I know it's hooked up to one of the Navi's serial ports (UART2), but I still need to add additional code to HaRET to be able to trace the memory writes and reads the CPU does to send commands to the uCom via the serial port. Which thanks to work, I just don't have time for these days. :(

  6. But Coreplayer only sounds if the Pionner Avic AV player is running !!!


    Has anybody coreplayer running correctly ?

    This is because the Navi has to send a command to the uCom chip to tell the AV selector device to pipe the Navi's audio over to the volume/amp circuit. All of the other sources (iPod/AV1, AV2, IPBus) circumvent the Navi entirely and have their audio routed directly to the volume/amp by the AV selector on the AV board. This is why you must have selected the SD or USB audio source before the Navi's music can be played on the speakers.

  7. All my mods should be Oregon complaint going forward ;)


    The hilarious thing is that there is a small chunk of Eastern Oregon that's on Mountain time, and ScottO's post did point out support for multi-timezone support (the Florida example). If I better understood how to correctly describe where these TZs are located I'd try for putting Mountain time back in for any AVIC owners in Malheur County (are there any?).


    Gotta love all the effort iGo put into verifying the tzinfo.bin data (the same bug's in my iPaq 310's data.zip, so it's not Pioneer's fault... For a change. :D).

  8. Guess I'm confused. In all the previous release versions of Diaftia's hybrid mod had this "feature". So, it has been removed from version 3.x correct?


    That, or Alex used generous amounts of USE_SEPARATED_SAFETY_MODE=0 to ignore the parking brake state in 2.3 and forgot to include them in 3.x. I don't have the bypass applied and tend to have to add these to buttons and such in the .ui files since I'm too lazy to pull the dash apart to fix the bypass. There's supposedly a way to make the setting apply to all buttons via a sys.txt edit but it's my understanding that is a performance killer.

  9. id be willing to test this out. i do have one question, i had to edit a file a little time back so that my timezone worked in oregon, have you heard of this? also is this file being overwritten with this mod.


    Seconding the request to touch up APL2/iGo/Data.zip/config/tzinfo.bin with the Oregon fix so I don't have to remember it when I upgrade from 2.3. ScottO's original post with the fix was at http://avic411.com/index.php?showtopic=27948, but it appears the text was deleted in the forum upgrade. OneNote to the rescue!


    by Scott O on Thu May 20, 2010 7:24 pm

    This works on my F900BT with the 3.1 upgrade from viewtopic.php?f=34&t=25751 and a few other mods. I hope others will try it and tell us if it works for them. I would think this should work on other units as well. This puts all of Oregon into the Pacific time zone.


    If you're not familiar with moving files to and from your unit there's good instructions here viewtopic.php?f=64&t=26446 and in lots of other posts.


    The file tzinfo.bin which is in the data.zip file from My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo needs to be altered or you can try the one I've altered which I'll attach. Since this forum does not allow files with the bin extension I'll rename it to tzinfo.txt and you will have to rename it to tzinfo.bin after you have downloaded it.


    I extracted my data.zip with winrar, replaced the tzinfo.bin file and repacked it and it worked fine.


    I also opened data.zip with winrar and then opened tzinfo.bin, using Hex Editor Neo, from within the winrar window, altered the file and closed Hex Editor then winrar clicking yes to keep the changes and that worked fine too.


    Hex Editor Neo is a free program available here http://www.hhdsoftware.com/Products/hom ... -free.html


    Here's what I did.


    If you open tzinfo.bin using Ida Pro near the end of the file you'll see lines like this (I've added my interpretations)


    ROM:00004E36 DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004E37 DCB 0x63 ; c Connecticut 
    ROM:00004E38 DCB 0x74 ; t
    ROM:00004E39 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E3A DCB 1 
    ROM:00004E3B DCB 0
    ROM:00004E3C DCB 0x8F ; Ã… This is eastern time zone
    ROM:00004E3D DCB 0
    ROM:00004E3E DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004E3F DCB 0x63 ; c California
    ROM:00004E40 DCB 0x78 ; x
    ROM:00004E41 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E42 DCB 1
    ROM:00004E43 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E44 DCB 0x7F ;  No symbol here, space = western time zone
    ROM:00004E45 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E46 DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004E47 DCB 0x64 ; d District of Columbia
    ROM:00004E48 DCB 0x63 ; c
    ROM:00004E49 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E4A DCB 1
    ROM:00004E4B DCB 0
    ROM:00004E4C DCB 0x8F ; Ã… eastern time zone
    ROM:00004E4D DCB 0
    ROM:00004E4E DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004E4F DCB 0x64 ; d Delaware 
    ROM:00004E50 DCB 0x65 ; e
    ROM:00004E51 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E52 DCB 1
    ROM:00004E53 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E54 DCB 0x8F ; Ã… Also in eastern time zone
    ROM:00004E55 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E56 DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004E57 DCB 0x66 ; f Florida
    ROM:00004E58 DCB 0x78 ; x
    ROM:00004E59 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E5A DCB 2 Florida has 2 time zones
    ROM:00004E5B DCB 0
    ROM:00004E5C DCB 0x8F ; Ã… eastern time zone for part of Fl
    ROM:00004E5D DCB 0
    ROM:00004E5E DCB 0x54 ; T T = central time zone for the western part of the state
    ROM:00004E5F DCB 0
    ROM:00004E60 DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004E61 DCB 0x67 ; g Guam I guess
    ROM:00004E62 DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004E63 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E64 DCB 1
    ROM:00004E65 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E66 DCB 0x64 ; d


    here's Nevada

    ROM:00004F24 DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004F25 DCB 0x6E ; n
    ROM:00004F26 DCB 0x76 ; v
    ROM:00004F27 DCB 0
    ROM:00004F28 DCB 1
    ROM:00004F29 DCB 0
    ROM:00004F2A DCB 0x7F ;  again no symbol, space = western time zone
    ROM:00004F2B DCB 0


    here's Washington

    ROM:00004F9E DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004F9F DCB 0x77 ; w
    ROM:00004FA0 DCB 0x61 ; a
    ROM:00004FA1 DCB 0
    ROM:00004FA2 DCB 1
    ROM:00004FA3 DCB 0
    ROM:00004FA4 DCB 0x7F ; 
    ROM:00004FA5 DCB 0


    here's Idaho

    ROM:00004E80 DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004E81 DCB 0x69 ; i
    ROM:00004E82 DCB 0x64 ; d
    ROM:00004E83 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E84 DCB 1
    ROM:00004E85 DCB 0
    ROM:00004E86 DCB 0x4D ; M this is mountain time but only Idaho and Oregon use this
    ROM:00004E87 DCB 0 symbol. The other states in that zone use \



    ROM:00004F3C DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004F3D DCB 0x6F ; o
    ROM:00004F3E DCB 0x72 ; r
    ROM:00004F3F DCB 0
    ROM:00004F40 DCB 1
    ROM:00004F41 DCB 0
    ROM:00004F42 DCB 0x4D ; M
    ROM:00004F43 DCB 0


    here's what the lines for Oregon look like after I edited the file using Hex Editor

    ROM:00004F3C DCB 0x75 ; u
    ROM:00004F3D DCB 0x6F ; o
    ROM:00004F3E DCB 0x72 ; r
    ROM:00004F3F DCB 0
    ROM:00004F40 DCB 1
    ROM:00004F41 DCB 0
    ROM:00004F42 DCB 0x7F ;  time zone changed from M to space
    ROM:00004F43 DCB 0


    Here's what some of those same lines look like in Hex Editor, assuming the picture I posted shows up. I've circled the numbers you need to change. Click on that 4d, right click and choose edit cell and type in 7f. Don't try to delete the 4d, that won't work. Just overwrite it. Then close Hex Editor, click yes to save changes when it asks and you're done.


    Screen shot from Hex Editor



    I think that covers it. It worked for me.


    Pasted from <http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=32594>

  10. If you did the hardware parking brake bypass on the harness, you won't need this flag. For those of us who forgot/found out about it after installation/suffer from extreme laziness, it helps avoid the button/control from being disabled by the parking brake.


    For your modding masters, can anyone tell what "USE_SEPARATED_SAFETY_MODE" in the script is all about?


    Sometime it is =0 and sometime =1. If I don't use it for button, radio, spirit, text etc, and it still works fine. :blink:



  11. Hmmm, this has actually happened to me on 2 GEX-P10HD units. It's almost as if the HD tuner doesn't respond to the head unit's commands, aside from a "hello, I'm here!" so you get the HD control screen. Tried hard resetting the head unit and removing power from both but that didn't solve the issue with either. This was with 2.06 (first one to go) and 3.0 (the second unit) firmware on the HU. Pioneer said I'd have to send in the second unit, but I didn't get around to pulling it out until after the warranty had expired.


    Maybe the GEX-P20HD has solved the issues. I pulled my second GEX-P10HD apart and it's got an Atmel Atmega microcontroller on it that I know from experience can lose its programming through resets/power cycling if they didn't set programming fuses correctly at the factory.


    If anyone had success reviving theirs, please post the process you used.

  12. I was looking at the following: http://www.mini-itx.com/store/?c=39


    I don't exactly know how big the dimensions are for the mini-itx but the smaller the main board the better, in terms of space but if a mini-itx board can fit in that same space as an avic then I can see better results to what can be installed.


    You might be better off going Pico-ITX if you want it to fit behind the screen in a double-DIN setup. My Micro-ITX mainboard was just a touch wider than the AVIC F90BT on my desk, so I don't expect it wouldn't fit inside a standard double-DIN enclosure. For existing in-dash projects you should reference the forums at http://www.mp3car.com/, I've seen a few drool-worthy posts there.

  13. You could use Testmode to copy the contact DB to an SD card, then use one of the phonebook editors in the Hacks forum to remove entries you don't want. Once that's done, you re-copy the DB back to the AVIC using Testmode. I'm planning to do this process later today, as I too just received a Droid 2 and don't want the kitchen sink on the AVIC.

  14. Red, check out this post on a similar timezone bug us folks in Oregon had for the longest time. Turns out there is a small percentage of the state in MST, so their bug set the entire state of OR to Boise, Idaho time (WTF?!). Sounds like the 2010 maps still have the bug in their data.zip's tzinfo.bin. :( If they don't have 2 timezones for Indiana in tzinfo.bin, maybe you can patch yours to add it (see the Florida example in the post)...

  15. Hmmm, if you used Testmode 2.3 (RAR is on the forum somewhere, try searching for user name 'carver' in the Hacks/Mods forum) then it might be NNtestmode.exe that's throwing the error. Problem is, NNtestmode.exe has to run before it hands off to CopyTool.exe (really a renamed MortScript.exe) if I recall correctly. CopyTool.exe is what gets you into test mode.


    Does this show up after you ran the 2.006 update without trying to get into test mode? If so, where did you get the 2.006 update from, the Pioneer US web site or a EU one?

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