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  1. This discount is no longer valid online for the AVIC F series: http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17831 Apparently the website has been updated to remove it.
  2. Al & Eds Customer Service

    I looked them up, no reseller ratings, not much contact info other than a toll-free #. Looks like the domain has been active about 2 years. They are about $20 less on the 700BT plus they charge shipping (and you have to sign up just to get this figure), al-eds does not. I would have thought they were another 86th Street Photo or whatever that rip-off place is in the NE, but they have a an LA address for returns if you go to their policy page. BTW, contact us & company info pages are the same page and it is really hard to find a real world address for them. Based on the above, I don't see them as being a good deal. Even if they were $20 less I'd stay away.
  3. Al & Eds Customer Service

    If you read the post from them elsewhere in this forum, they allude to keeping the 18% discount going on the F series units as of July/August (not a really old post). I had put an F series in my cart earlier this week & the 18% was taken off. I didn't check out, and today when I went back you couldn't apply the 18% to the F series unit. The "hidden" in-cart price was more than 18% off retail, so maybe this is what they've done. If this is the case, no point in using the avic411 coupon unless there is something else there you want.