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  1. The latest from Pioneer Electronics. AVICX-910BT is in stock and ready to ship. 10% off with the following code at check out ..............................AVIC10. Plus you will also get $300 gas certificate good for 1 year. If you live in southern California please visit our stores. This is a hot item and we don't now how long they will last, so get yours ordered NOW!!!! Remember we are an Authorized Online Dealer for Pioneer!!! Here is a link to our website.....http://www.al-eds.com/Pioneer-AVICX910BT-p19949.html
  2. WTF Best Buy! When the hell will you get the F series!??

    For those who don't know, enter AVIC411 as the promo code upon checkout to receive your 18 discount.
  3. Tonight is the last night we can offer the $100 instant rebate. Starting tomorrow it will be 18% off $1599.99 and not $1499.99, just wanted to let you guys know.
  4. AVICF-90BT shipping update!

    As far as I know all units have shipped, and all units DO have the new update already installed.
  5. AVICF-90BT shipping update!

    Sorry, being we have 24 locations throughout Southern California we decided not to ship there. Call up the store and they will be able to fill you in.
  6. AVICF-90BT shipping update!

    Give your local Al & Ed's a call. We got them in Monday so the stores wouldn't get them untill Tuesday at the earliest, and I'm sure they have a good amount of people to call and that does take some time, but I would just give them a call and they should be able to take care of you.
  7. We will keep the AVIC411 discount going for the near future so there is no time table. We ship out of Southern California using Fed Ex.
  8. Actually don't worry about the end of the month. We are gonna keep it going for you guys
  9. AVICF-90BT shipping update!

    Hope you enjoy the unit and thanks again for your patience while Pioneer straightened out the issues with the F-Series.
  10. AVICF-90BT shipping update!

    I received at least two. Just for clarification, that was a simple, polite request and wouldn't be something they would have to be concerned with if customers would refrain from looking at so much porn online and infecting their computers with STD's (spam transmittal disease). If the spam mail offense would just be subject to the death penalty, but I digress... As you mentioned, Al-Ed's has handled everything with perfection, providing fantastic customer service and keeping everyone up to date as well as providing options out. Good customer service is hard to find, but Al-Ed's is a solid source for the best! All mass-emails should have gone out with your emails as a BCC. Looks like there was a mistake on one or two, but it definitely won't happen again.
  11. AVICF-90BT shipping update!

    I only saw 1 email that didn't use the BCC (6/23) and I am sure they did that by mistake. Al-Eds has done an awesome job of keeping everyone here and on email well informed. I also received my shipment notif, now just waiting for FedEx tracking to catch up lol fed ex is here as I am typing this picking up the shipments
  12. Do you have the 90bt and the 900bt in stock and ready to ship? Are they the updated versions? Does the discount apply to either the 900bt or the 90bt? I'm probably looking for a 900bt. We do not sell the 900BT as we are a Premier Dealer. The 90BT is in stock and shipping.
  13. Bumped just in case the rest of the AVIC411 community doesn't know we are offering our 18% off special again, until the end of the month.
  14. AVICF-90BT shipping update!

    Hey guys! We received our shipment of AVICF-90BT's today and will start shipping them out today.