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  1. 3.0, No street names?

    Actually I have no idea what to do, I'm assuming I'm modifying my clip_planes.ini file, from what value to what value? clip_planes.ini should solve that although you still have to be zoomed at a specific distance for them to show up
  2. 3.0, No street names?

    Thanks I'll try to find it. I did come up with a lot of responses in my search, but that was for 3d. I specifically can't see all the street names in 2d, which is what I use 100% of the time.
  3. There's a lot I like in 3.0, but one thing I completey HATE is that not all the streets have street names. There is PLENTY of space to put a name on a street, I highly doubt it's because of space. I realize that sometimes (only sometimes) zooming in will then show the name, but who wants to be constantly zooming in and out to see a street name?!? Is there any kind of a hack or solution to this? I tried a search and didn't see anything on it.
  4. Last night I installed 3.0 and it went very smoothly. I thought I did the hard reset of holding the reset and eject buttons for 5 seconds (how are you supposed to know if that works, I only had a black screen and no confirmation), but I'm thinking it didn't do a hard reset because I retained all my settings, including my XM presets and my navi settings. The only setting that I noticed was changed, the button sounds became very loud where I had them muted before. It even kept my bluetooth pairings. So anyhow everything seems to work as intended, although I haven't test driven it yet. Am I OK leaving this as is, or do I HAVE to do a hard reset? Also what's the consensus on 3.01, is it trouble, is it a necessary upgrade to 3.0? I don't even know what features 3.01 has or if it's worth the risk/hassle.
  5. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    Just finished this upgrade, THANK YOU!!!! This was the easiest upgrade I ever did. Tomorrow I will tackle getting to 3.01. I'm just thankful for Heads up mode in 2d, this was my only complaint about my f900.
  6. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    Is it about right for that torrent file to take 21 days to download?!?! This is on Vuze and a 10m cable connection.
  7. 3.0 Map/Firmware update released

    Too bad, no group buy. So how long after release will this "introductory" pricing be active?
  8. Internet on F Series

    It is interesting though that in test mode in network there is an option for bluetooth DUN. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I've thought about putting mobile IE on and seeing if that BT DUN would work with a BT cell phone.
  9. LeetLauncher v3.0!!!

    So this can be run off a SD card? That would be great, so no changes would be made to the stock system. Also I'm assuming XM won't work?
  10. Version 2.0 is LIVE!

    Everything works perfectly!! As with the previous updates and hacks you just have to follow directions. Software bypass works perfectly, contacts now have mobile/home, etc denotations, boot up time is acceptable. I do wish they would do heads up 2D, but oh well.
  11. New Update Soon

    Anyone notice that the contacts were correctly displayed as John Smith Mobile, John Smith Home, etc etc!?? Does this mean no more triple entries with only the name and no entry for what type of number it is? I hope so!
  12. Hmm, that sounds like what it is. I'm surprised I'm the only one who has run into this, no one else uses their iphone over bluetooth with the ipod cable plugged in?
  13. Might be missing a setting or something here, but if I plug my iphone 3g onto the ipod cable and have it connected to bluetooth when calls come in they don't come out on the F900bt. I have tried to hit source and then choose the F900bt, but it still doesn't output on the stereo. If I disconnect the cable, then the call goes thru the F900BT just fine. Is there a setting or something I'm missing here?
  14. Not sure why you guys are confused, I do NOT leave my phone in my car when I'm not in it. I plug it in when getting in. Sure I can put my cable inside the center console, but it was nice having it in the cup holder so I could just get in the car and plop it into the holder, and have the phone standing up facing me. Keep in mind for phone calls you can't press the number keys for automated lines, voicemail functions, etc etc. Mine is weird as it's not so much buzzing when I'm about to get a call or text, it's just completely random with no connection to calls/text or being in a 3g area or not.
  15. Interesting, so you're saying to run a ground wire from the metal frame of the f900bt to a good ground? I'll give that a shot. I would also consider wrapping the f900bt (except of course the front screen), I'm wondering what to use, anti static wrapping? That's what seems to work for the iphone itself.