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  1. yea works fine, i wish the bluetooth support was better because it forces you to maintain a bluetooth connection to the iphone 5 and I just leave mine in my car and dont use it as a phone so its annoying when I try to have two phones connected because it is quirky as sh*t but other than that yes it works fine... i chose VGA in the settings menu for the iphone cable type and no issues. Also get your cable for free: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/ephox/StaticFiles/PUSA/Files/Car-PDFs/CD-IV202AV%20Rebate%20Form_May2013.pdf Pioneer is giving $100 rebate because they messed up royally with getting this update out in March, took them long enough and there is still bugs. - Dan
  2. with the exception of the pandora option, yes everything works fine.... you can still use pandora over bluetooth audio however, just not with the snazzy interface until they release another update
  3. Just updated my AVH-P8400BH with no issues, pain in the ass to pull the unit out to access the USB port but other than that all is well... I even ran a USB extension cable to my glove box for future updates.
  4. Just Updated My AVH-P8400BT's Bluetooth

    Now that you updated your bluetooth... I modified the newest version of Spotify for Android to display track metadata via Bluetooth like the iPhone currently does... if you use spotify and want metadata on your headunit. Check out this thread on XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=37404226#post37404226 also uninstall your current version before trying to install the modded version.
  5. Auto dimming at night

    look at the manual for the illumination wire, it is probably orange. use that.... also make sure the camera is turned on in the settings on your headunit and make sure the reverse wire is hooked up from the headunit to an output that changes when you car is in reverse, if you cannot find this wire than go directly to the postive wire on your reverse light at the back of your car.
  6. AVH-P8400BH or 4400 or Custron?

    Yes its worth it... its almost like comparing a High Def TV to a regular TV, it just looks better, clearer, and crisper... spend the little bit extra and you wont regret it later.
  7. 8400 Easy EQ front speakers amplified

    Radio has to be completely turned off with no active source playing or selected... Choose off in the lower corner of the source menu then you should be good.
  8. Avh-p8400bh

    nah that manual says SIRIUS, both sat radios are just in the same section... yes I am on Sirius. I just called pioneer and put in a support ticket to have an engineer look into it. If not I will just see if I can get SiriusXM to switch my service over to my GEX-P920XM tuner that I have sitting brand new in my basement that was going to go into my now "ex" girlfriends car. UPDATE: I just got a call back from pioneer support, they were able to reproduce the problem in their tests so they are going to forward the issue over to the engineering department in Japan where Pioneer HQ is and hopefully release a software update in the near future.
  9. Avh-p8400bh

    I would believe that, but the SIR-PNR2 is specifically mentioned in the manual for the 8400 as well, talking about it's team and game status options for NFL. lol
  10. Avh-p8400bh

    I was just curious if anyone has a SIR-PNR2 sirius interface hooked up to their unit.... My Sirius unit is acting weird on the new radio, it detects it and shows all the information but their is no audio. However, if I go to the PNR2 and unplug the 12 volt power connector and plug it back in and go to the sirius on the radio it works perfectly fine. I have to do this everytime I turn the car on and want to listen to sirius. It has to be something with the new radio as the unit worked perfectly with my F90BT that was in their previously. - Dan
  11. Avh-p8400bh

    I just finished installing mine, replaced my older F90BT: Installed in a 2008 Ford Escape Limited. I used a Metra 99-5814HG Dash Kit, with a XSVI-5520-NAV Vehicle Interface along with a PAC TR7 (for Bypass) and PAC SWI-PS 1.6.8 (for Steering Wheel Controls)
  12. Avh-p8400bh

    What wires go where on the TR7? I noticed since we are using the alpine hookup, it has two wires that say handbrake and footbrake input... do I use both? - Dan
  13. Avh-p8400bh

    I'm interested in this as well... Manual has this: Light green lead must be connected to power supply side of parking break switch. I don't know if this means it is an easy bypass or not, but I will have my AVH-P8400BH next week and definately need something to bypass it. Mainly for the app radio controls, could careless about watching videos. - Dan Also FYI: The AVH-P8400BH does not support, from what I can tell, both AppRadio iPhone interface cable and the U220 add-on navigation module to be installed at the same time, basically it is one or the other.
  14. f90bt premier

    I am using 3.02 on mine, with 09.2010 TeleAtlas maps and Dafitia's mod. Also modded no nag screens and no reverse camera text. I like it this way. I played around with the 4.01 update from Europe on my US F90BT and had all sorts of issues with my mods so I stuck with the 3.02 US version. - Dan
  15. 4.001000

    So i went ahead and installed this on my F90BT since I had to put the TeleAtlas 09.2010 maps on anyways. It loaded fine, I just copied and pasted the files over existing files in test mode, i didn't use the installer....... I have Dafitia's mods installed. Apparently this new update once again changes a bunch of RES files for where different graphics are located for example. When I clicked on iPod, it showed the FM Radio Logo. a bunch of other graphics were messed up. It has to do with something in the APL folder although I couldn't figure it out because most of the exe file versions are the same when compared to 3.02 files in the property details. I dunno, I didn't try it stock without Dafitia's mod, it is possible it would work fine with all stock files intact but I prefer my mods and no nag screens and no reverse camera text. Anyone else report your findings.