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  1. So the New Avic-Z120 Site is finally on Pioneer's website. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/ ... VIC-Z120BT idk if any of you guys have explored it yet. Anyone notice anything new?
  2. how drastic were the software changes in those old models? I'm not familiar with the models but seems like the main difference between z110 and z120 just seems to be the music sphere thing right? If thats all it is...then i might as well get the Z110 and not care if it can upgrade or not as long as other features are the same....esp when it comes to ipod integration and navigation (those are the two things that are personally most important to me, might not be same for others)
  3. argh....6ave has the Z110 for $740 shipped after rebate and coupon code. So tempting....to chicken to buy it wihtout knowing the Z120 upgrade disc will infact upgrade the Z110
  4. Anyone's guess as to how much the Z110BT will drop in price when the Z120 comes out? Authorized dealer price? Ebay/Unauthorized dealer price?
  5. The only thing about buying from a non-authorized dealer is you dont get warranty. If authorized price is 999 (after rebate) and unauthorized amazon price is 925. I would rather go with 999. My avic N1 was repaired probably twice during the 4 years I had it...both times were out of warranty though. But would be nice to have just in case. I did find a good source for repairs.... some ebay store named Samedaycaraudiorepair i think his name is rick out of chesapeake maryland. I could get detail if anyone wants it. (not afficiliated...just repping for good service) 6thave.com sometimes
  6. I already found the manual....thats what started this thread. Unless im mistaken and service manual is different from user manual.
  7. I had an avic N1 and im pretty sure there were hardware changes between the N1 to N2 and N3 and total revamp for N4. I guess thats whats making me slightly skeptical of 100% identical hardware. 95% identical I would believe.
  8. I think Pandora is what leaning me towards waiting to see if the Z110 can be turned into a Z120 or not, in 100% of the way, performance and all. If these are coming out in May, I can wait till then to see if people have had success upgrading the z110. I won't be doing any stereo installs i the freezing cold of winter anyways
  9. So there won't be a faster processor in the new one? That would definitely confirm the new software loaded onto the Z110 will be just as fast and make it identical to the Z120.
  10. So would it be safe bet and CHEAPER to just buy a Z110BT now? and wait for the software upgrade to essentially turn it into a Z120BT? Has this been a general practice for avic's?
  11. Clearly since both models are sharing the manual they will have same functionality. I did a quick search for any mentions of one unit being able to do something the other unit cant. I searched "avic-z120BT only" and these are the things that the X920BT can't do: 1. Adjusting the LCD Panel Angle 2. Setting the detailed City Map - You can select whether to display city maps in certain metropolitian areas. The city map is displayed when the map scale is .05miles (50meters) or less. 3. Displaying 3D Landmarks 4. Selecting the video for rear display
  12. oh and i also started a thread in the Z forum too...since it looks like the manual is for both models. viewtopic.php?f=56&t=30778
  13. Yea i was pretty excited i found this. cant say ive ever been the first to find anything before. It took me a while to finally find it. I also saved a PDF copy before i posted...just incase pioneer yanked it.
  14. For those of you curious about the new products announced at CES. Here are the user manuals. Took some digging. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/Stati ... al0129.pdf
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