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  1. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    just got done isntalling my 8120 love it but have to figure out how to use it to its full potential. I had a couple of ? i wanted answered maybe you guys can help. Will the 8120 play videos/dvd's off of the usb? i have ironman on a usb stick and it wont play in the truck. the 8120 says there is nothing on the memory stick but when i go in my buddys truck he has a pioneer or alpine and it works fine there. Does the 8120 not support that type of video?? also when i start my truck the kenwood resumed the last funtion source like the tuner but after about 3seconds it boots up and switches to TEL mode. how do i change this?? i want it to boot up in tuner mode all the time. or the last played source. The SD card is only for upgrading the nav?? lastley how do i add pics or change my background screen?? with usb?? thankyou