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  1. 3D Building and Quicklaunch Button How-To

    Haha alright thanks. I've been trying to update this thing for days. The maps are definitely outdated as what is around my area. The street numbers are off, and there are a few highways that have been removed. How often are new map updates released?
  2. 3D Building and Quicklaunch Button How-To

    My map version is 01.000600 Do I have the latest maps?
  3. 3D Building and Quicklaunch Button How-To

    Great stuff here-- Thanks! Will this give us the most updated maps for the US? If not, where can we get those? Thanks!
  4. Using Europe Map on US F900BT

    Hmmm, odd. I got that sys.txt from one of the links in here. Is there much different in the file? If someone could tell me what's in there I could just add it myself.
  5. Using Europe Map on US F900BT

    I got the ezrider and license file on the unit, but I wasn't able to get the DATA and SYS because it conflicted with my modifications. However, the unit still booted up fine. Will I notice anything different with that version of EZRIDER? Also, why in SYS does it say [device] type="ASUS 63X"
  6. Using Europe Map on US F900BT

    Ahhh I see. Thanks much for the explanation.
  7. Using Europe Map on US F900BT

    So it would be on a state-by-state basis? Ah, it's not worth it. I'd probably end up lost in some state that I deleted one day and my GPS wouldn't be able to help me. So back on the subject of these maps-- Why can't we just download the map file? Do the newer map data files require all the other things(inside the ir zip) we need to put on the unit as well?
  8. Using Europe Map on US F900BT

    I also heard people deleting maps they won't use(such as Europe, etc..) to make the unit go faster. 1) Does this actually work? 2) If so, where are the actual map files that you can remove?
  9. Using Europe Map on US F900BT

    Ok, just want to get an understanding on this. I downloaded the file named "ir" from rapidshare, along with a license. I placed the license in the license folder next to the other one. Now am I to simply copy this onto the flash memory of the AVIC? If so, will this replace or alter any modifications that may currently be on my unit? And is my ending result the most updated maps? (All I really want is an updated map, since there are problems and alot of outdated things with the current map file I am using on my unit.)
  10. Updated Maps

    Did a quick search but couldn't find the thread. I'm looking for the thread about the latest maps. I need to update my maps, I'm only using the ones that came with the unit. Could someone either point me to a map update, or perhaps this thread? Thanks.
  11. Thanks.. I'll take a look.
  12. Is there new map data I can download to update this unit? I am only using what came with it. I do notice alot of things that are outdated on here.
  13. Not sure which mod I got this off of, or if this is a problem with the unit itself... but I was on a road today and the house numbers around me said 250,251,252 and my unit was telling me I was at 5, 6, 7. The town hall was my destination, and I was told I was there but I was about 2 miles down the road from it. The mod I have shows the street number on one side, the street, and then the street number on the other side. Is this a problem with the mod, or perhaps the map itself?
  14. Touch Screen Unresponsive

    Happened to me for the first time in awhile today.
  15. Radio and CD Title Info

    The question is-- Is it possible to hack this unit so that it CAN pull that data from the CD? I'm sure it's there, but I haven't looked at this part of the code at all.