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  1. Ipod adaptor or just cable needed???

    Hi do you still want it ?
  2. pioneer_avic-n4_x3_crt3971_sm_[ET] Download service maual This manual say this unit has a copyright protection technique error I believe that hapend to me after try to install a copy upgrade I will use it with the steps in this post Service Secret Menu Pioneer Avic N4 and have to be use it with this other manual Pioneer CX-3212 (CRT3896) ERROR CODE LIST X: Cancel the error by operation. -: Error is not cancelled by operation. *: No setting *1 A content displayed on OSD. As for the items having multiple display patterns, the upper row is for the Japanese version Full GUI, and the lower row is for the Touch Panel model and Full GUI (English version). *2 A parameter of UART command, such as “receipt error noticeâ€, that the DVD mechanism transmits. *3 CPPM(Content Protection for Prerecorded Media) : A copyright protection technique used in DVD-A. The protection is realized by using the keys recorded on the media and the device key held by the player. *4 DVD-A compatible model only. When an error has occurred, only the audio output will be muted but playback operation will continue. Furthermore, acceptance of the user operation will be the same as usual. *5 AWM (Audio WaterMark): Electronic watermark. Information on the copyright owner or CCI (copy control information) are recorded so that illegally copied discs can be identified. *6 Notice as an error status will not be given *7 CPRM(Content Protection for Recordable Media) : A copyright protection technique for digital contents used for re-writable DVD or memory card. (DVD-VR model only)

    I have years downloading and burning all kind of junk from the Internet and I just have problems with the memorex dvd those are the worse and cheap media in the market ,and use the real DVD Decrypter when the GREAT and the only one Lightning UK was around,I used MagIso,UltraIso,Alcohol, and a lot of crap ,and like a month I download an burn other disk for the 80 update in a Philip and TDKs media and no problems at all ,I believe is nothing related to the media or the software,is a file missing or something dvd player read it but don't understand or is missing a file to keep working ,if was a media problem even spin in the player because the burning proses is wrong also.To stop talking to mush BS I Download it 3 deferents torrent and waste almost all the 25 package of "VERBATIM" and use different burning speeds and deferents softwares and the BS and the end.

    I download it too many times and burn it ,different ways and keep saying reading error something is missing

    upload the iso file to download and open with ultra iso and click burn thats it........

    I download this 3 times and the text and the tutorial do not have nothing and stupidly I click in the other file the image.exe and did something strange I hope I don't brick the PC. I don't understand why is so complicated just to make a ISO file compress and upload

    Tanks SWDW is working I will keep seeding as much I can
  8. CNDV-80MT

    Like I said don't use paper labels I did post the cover just in case some one have a cd/dvd printer,
  9. CNDV-80MT

    Hi I tried the downloads posted here in avic411 and they don't work right some files are corupted or deleted.I download a file from Pirate Bay and work fine till I copy the disc cover from pioneer site and printed to make the dvd look originals and the pice of crap player don;t want to work, I did other with out the labels and work perfect for now no problem at all, Just I saw some is no right some places in the area I live are not in the map, I just bugth a brand new avic-n4 and the version of the disc say version 7 I didn't see any version in this one probably someone just change the name to the file ,the thing is the dic work good no matter what brand of dvd you use or burner or whatever .this is the file addres Pioneer AVIC D3 D2 D1 East & West Coast map updates CNDV-80MT http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4440547 ... DV-80MT_(2 after download just rigth click and open wiht magic iso and burn the iso files delete anything you got forn the file is a spam file on it just spam. this is the wao wao addres for magic iso. read the instruction thas all. http://rs345.rapidshare.com/files/99475 ... .4.256.rar use the cover if you ahve a cd/dvd printer other will have reading problems. here is the cover for west: here is the dvd cover for the east: Just right click and save the image in desktop and print it latter .......... see ya...........