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  1. Anyone needing wire info

    [quote name="cntrylvr79"]2005 Acura RSX Reverse Light green + kick panel, harness to rear Speed Sense blue/white ECM/PCM, white 31 pin plug, pin 26 Notes: The ECM/PCM is under the glove box. If the vehicle is equipped with cruise control, the wire can also be found at the cruise control unit to the left of the gas pedal. Merry xmas[/quote] Hey thanks, I tried this, but there is like two ECU boxes? I attached a picture. Anyways, do you have a diagram that shows which cord goes into which. Oh and also, I want to (gasp) install this the right way, and ground the park brake wire (if i need to re route i can slightly activate the park brake) where do i do this? i believe it is the green cord? (my dad is hooking it up for me, and he dosent want to do the bypass, really no big deal for me because i can slightly pick up the PB without stopping and it iwll be fine!) check out the pic, thanks for your help!!! [/img]
  2. Anyone needing wire info

    2005/2006 Acura RSX automatic please? Also, where would the reverse wire go? Thanks man.