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  1. My AVIC D2 is dead I have a CD thats due back at the library. Any clues on how to get the disc out of there? Thanks! Please help...
  2. You are only making half the contacts for full sound
  3. How to wire ipod to D1?

    Jasonh Thanks for that... Going to see if I can fabricate someting like it!
  4. Can someone share how to rig a D1 to connect a ipod to play music. Dont want to buy some ebay bootleg... Thanks for looking!
  5. Navi Problems. Stuck in New York

    Mine does that at times and a reset clears it
  6. Cant fit it back in the hole

    Got it in now the mute is stuck on...
  7. Had to take it out for service. Now it wont go back in all the way! Help...
  8. GPS Antenna

    Probly going to need to buy one from pioneer
  9. Nighttime Display on Chevy..Help!

    Since my d2 upgrade to 80 with peripheral interface on GM H3 using auto lighting option my screen illumination is wrong... Its hit or miss depending on lite of day. Next time I pull the head will have to check the wires and see what to do... Dam newfangled complex toys!
  10. Since my upgrade on D2 to 80 series east coast. Having problems with location being off... Tried resets. NG. Its close but no cigar to where we are. All regular tests ok. Any suggestions ? Thanks for responding!
  11. Dear God?

    Good sign!
  12. Depress the Joy Stick and follow the intuitive guide for settings
  13. No AM radio after D3 install??

    Are you getting FM signal?
  14. DAY/NIGHT lighting on D3

    Max, Sounds good hooking up to your dimmer. How did you do it?