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  1. I'm just wondering if the F900BT can play a sound during start up somewhere near when the splash screen appears? how do I do that? thanks.
  2. thank you finally solved my rebooting problem
  3. I set AV1 to iPod and AV2 to video, but when lightning cable is connected it turns to ipod control and have no sound. the only way i can get sound is from the av when the lightning cable is not connected. So my question is, is there a way to have sound via the av cable while having lightning cable connected? thanks!
  4. I've searched everywhere and couldn't find a straight answer. Some say the new lightning cable transfer sound through digital etc etc. Is there a work around to get the F900BT to play music from iphone 5? Actually I can even transfer sound through the AUX cable alone, that shouldn't have anything to do with digital or analog. Help is greatly appreciated, even getting AUX to work would be great. Thanks and sorry if I've posted a previously answered question but I tried searching. Things I've tried: -updated firmware to 2.000000 -plugging in both AUX and apple factory USB cable -set AV
  5. the splash screen that i couldn't get pass is not the usual screen with a splash picture, its a black screen with a big pink "Pioneer" logo in the middle. I need to somehow get pass it in order to get into test mode. any input? and whats a hard reset and how is it performed? can someone post a link to a tutorial? thanks
  6. the F900BT is now restarting itself on the Pioneer splash screen after I did the menu+map+eject restart trick, and I can't get into test mode because it never passes that screen, can someone help? thanks
  7. might be your back camera setting being turned on and i assume you don't have a back camera installed. thats what happened to me few months ago hope this helps
  8. recently i'm having trouble connecting my SD card to the PC, its a 8gb card formatte in FAT32, PC is running on vista, i've had no problems reading the card before until last week. sometimes i can see the card reader's drive letters appearing when i plug it in, but most of the time i just get nothing. and when i do vista is not able to 'see' the card in the cooresponding drive. anyone experiencing the same problem? also does the F900bt support other format other than FAT32? NTFS perhaps? thanks in advance
  9. last week my f900bt had the black screen problem, after booting sd music still plays but screen turns black after splash screen and button lights are off. screen light would come back on once i press the map button but its not as bright as the normal screen light that i use to have (button light also come back on). seems like the main screen light is completely not coming on, but a secondary light that goes on only on navi mode is still working (the secondard dimmed light would go off after about half an hour or so) any idea how i can fix this problem? thanks
  10. im not sure if its amplified or not, and how do i fix it if its amplified?
  11. i have a F900BT installed in a 350Z and after having the avic, the radio reception had deteriorated a lot, does anyone have the same issue and is there an easy fix? im 100% positive that the antenna wire is plugged cuz i was there watching when the guy was installing it
  12. i tried connecting my 2.5" Western Digital Passport Elite 320gb to the f900bt but it never worked, any idea?
  13. I just copied my own image to the common folder, renamed it 746_32K_MN-000_24b.bmp, rezip to image.res, and copied it back to the F900BT, everything works fine but the new image is not showing as BG image for the menu, i guess pioneer must have moved things around a little bit
  14. I don't have that file neither, my first file is: 746_32K_MN-001_24b.bmp and the last one: 746_32K_MN-952_24b.bmp
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