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  1. SD Card Movies

    i put a movie on a sd card and still nothing like i touch the sd card and a black screen comes up it looks like it wants to play but it doesnt all i did was i downloaded a short little movie converted it to AVI and just dragged it into the sd spot on my computer if i can give someone my cell number and they can help me out i will pay them for there time! i just really wanna watch movies on my F700BT please let me know!!
  2. SD Card Movies

    so i have the f700bt and i know you cant just put a dvd in there and watch it someone told me i have to download a movie and throw it on a sd, ipod, or, USB flash drive heres my question? if i put it on a sd card is there a certain format i got to put it on as? or just download and drag it into the sd card folder? thanks!!!
  3. anyone live in NJ

    im looking for someone who lives in NJ thats wiling to help me with my f700bt i want to do some stuff to it but im an idiot when it comes to this im willing to pay a reasonable fee please email me NFLdude32@comcast.net thanks guys!!!
  4. Theme's by marmski

    im so new at this so how do i creat a backup? and wheres the apl directory? thanks!
  5. Theme's by marmski

    if i want to get the vista theme wat do i save it to? my sd card? thanks!
  6. Playing a dvd with the unit

    alrite awsome thanks btw i no it didnt play dvd's but i also new there was a way thanks again!
  7. hey guys i just got the avic f700bt and was wondering if there was any way to play a dvd? thanks!!!