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  1. You are a hero; it was the caps issue; it seemed like a password thing, can't believe I missed the "in all caps." Thanks
  2. Is there any other sources for the updated maps? I downloaded all 16 files and got a CRC error message. After double checking the password I figure I must have a corrupted file. I am not waiting 45 seconds and typing a code for each downloaded file again. Comcast also has no news server, so I can't use the nzb file. (edit -- I did try downloading the part 1 file again (and from another source), but get the same error, so either the password is wrong or maybe a corrupt file has replicated through the file sharing sites??) This forum is great and I really appreciate the effort put forth by those who contribute (thanks LTDan), but these download sites are retarded. I don't do that kind of stuff often enough to justify a membership, and since one such site I signed up for years ago kept charging my credit card for over a year with me calling them month after month to cancel, I just don't bother with them anymore. Enough whinning, though, is there another source of the maps, or perhaps a torrent? Alternatively, can I buy upgraded maps from IGO8 or Pioneer? I saw that Pioneer has updates, but since I did the 3.0 upgrade on my F900BT, would I have to order the maps for an X910BT? Thanks