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  1. Never noticed that... I'm sure you could find a TA Hawaii map online if you really wanted. I'm probably gonna have to set up more links as to where to find all the maps when I get the chance. If you find it, post the link and I'll edit it to the first post!
  2. new maps //2009.6

  3. In order to avoid confusion and repeat threads, I have taken the liberty of finally posting a, once and for all, all questions answered HOW TO on the 2009.6 map upgrade with working links. 1. Download the 16 rar files located on the top of this website (yes... you need to dl all 16) http://www.filecrop.com/search.php?w=83_Cont_USA_2009.06_TA.part&pos=1&opt_t=1&opt_d=0&order=score&mod=dec&size_i=0&size_f=1048576&c=20 2. Once you have finished downloading all of them unzip the first one (it will automatically extract all 16) and enter the password: "ppcwarez.org" in all caps no quotations 3. Next you need to download the cracked EZrider which can be found on this link: http://rapidshare.de/files/48133221/ezrider.rar.html 4. Now download the Generic License Code from this link: http://www.gpssoftware.us/avic/newez4avic.zip *Note: the above link contains a EZrider file that DOES NOT WORK. you can discard it after you unzip. 5. Put all the extracted files onto an SD card and head to your car. 6. Backup your map files 7. Delete the contents of the Map, Dem, Building, POI, and Speedcam folders from your nav unit and CUT and PASTE the new files into their respective folders *Note: You may have to delete a map in order for it to fit (the map files are too big for the nav). I deleted Mexico. Also realize that the 2009.6 files do not include the basemap.fbl file. You need to keep this file! 8. Replace the stock EZrider.exe with your new hacked one. 9. Copy and Paste your generic license into the license folder (do not delete any others!) 10. Reboot and enjoy running on your new maps! Troubleshooting: Situation: Upon Startup the "System Startup in progress please wait..." message displays and stays on. Solution: You copy and pasted over the wrong EZrider. Use the one from the link in step 3 Situtation: Upon Startup the system keeps self rebooting Solution: You may have some corrupted files from step 1. Try downloading them all again
  4. new maps //2009.6

    now running 2009.6 making new how to to avoid confusion
  5. new maps //2009.6

    update... it's now been 15min... something is definitely wrong
  6. new maps //2009.6

    I'm leaving for vaca in a couple of hours.... I dl'd the 16 rar files for the TA2009.6 and extracted them successfully. I also dl'd the cracked EZrider and licensing info. I pop the new files into my content folder via cut and paste deleting ONLY the map, dem, building, POI and speedcam folders (all other folders in that directory are untouched). I then replaced the EZrider with the hacked one and added the new license file without touching the other ones. Once I reboot I get stuck on the main screen with the message "System Startup in progress please wait..." it's been on for over 5min is this normal or did I miss something?
  7. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    hey guys... first time poster here and just wanted to share my splash!