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  1. I saw that mavericksters mods were done on a aviv f900. I like his mods and downloaded his data.zip file. My question is would this data. Zip file on my f700? According to my searches on the forum I believe it should because apparently they use the software and coding etc. Just curious if anyone knows for sure before I go messing with my unit?
  2. Well im pretty decent with computers and stuff and i have done a few mods myself like no key beeps and the phone book fix..... but i dont know where to find the file i need to add the silence for the navigation voice.....its DRIVING ME CRAZY... can anyone help me or better yet email me a copy of the editied file?? so i can just replace the one on the unit
  3. MOST IMPORTANT..... the hardrive has to be formatted in FAT32..... the f series unit doesnt recognise hardrives formatted in NTSC...
  4. I see. So yet another fail for the iPhone. Damn apple. What phone are using that gives you the prompt?
  5. hi, i have a f700bt and was just curious as to whether or not your headunit will notify you when you have a new text msg? i have an iphone3g and it works fine with the bluetooth and voice dialing works great after the phonebook fix but it doesnt show me if i have a new msg. I was told that on some phones it will display it on the screen and even give you option to read and delete.... is this true??
  6. I currently own an iPhone and the bluetooth and sync phonebook works well with my f700. I am planning to switch to a blackberry bold or the new curve My question is " are there any problems syncing the phonebook of a blackberry with the f700?" To get the blackberry I have to switch service providers and want to know if I will encounter any problems before I go and screw myself up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. yea i took my house cordless phone with me in the garage... if it had the "1" infront it would just show the phone number, but i when i edited it and removed the "1" its "home" calling...
  8. OKAY SO ITS OFFICIAL.... I took away the "1" infront of the number(so that it was only 10 characters) and it worked perfectly....not too sure how come it works differently for williamG... Lesson to be learned if it doesnt work one way, try the other. In all honesty it doesn't matter which way works for you, all that matters is that it works.
  9. Well i got it working now, after I edited every name in the contact list the voice dialing is correct. however, the unit doesnt show the name of the person that is calling when it recieves an incoming call. I have an Iphone 3G and i tried what WilliamG said about the "1" infront of the number and it didnt work. so tomorrow i will retry and leave the "1" out. hopefully this solves my problem and I will let you guys know. i think when it comes to the Iphone3G everything is a trial and error basis. what works for one person doesnt necessarily work for all.
  10. does every name in the phonebook have to be done correctly before anyone will work?? or would only the ones that are done correctly work? basically what im asking is do i have to do every contact or just the ones that i want to use for voice dialing? Also what happens if the number is a long distance number?? dont i have to put the one infront?
  11. where can i get a copy of the program to edit the database? i have the file but now i dont know how to edit it
  12. If the problem us the sounds the deck makes everytine you touch the screen then all you to do is go into the settings and turn down the master volume. I think it's in the navigation sound menu if memory serves me correct
  13. I installed the f700 in my car, however when i go into the settings menu it wont let me change the rear speaker section to subwoofer. i tried two different rca cables that i know work, so i know its not the rca cables. is the unit defective?
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