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  1. Although only indirect advice, this may help. I purchased the factory service manual for my Xterra. You can get it on CD-Rom, and there are people on eBay who sell copies very cheap. The entire wire diagram is listed, and the wire color codes. May help to find the VSS wire, and I suspect may come in handy for other applications. There are also other websites out there that list color codes, but I would look to the factory manual if you can.
  2. [quote name="cntrylvr79"]Couldn't say as far as difficulty goes. I have to ship them out, I'm not allowed to even attempt this repair at work. Which I find strange, they have no problems with me stripping the interior of a $100k bmw, but I can't take apart a $2k radio. Hmm?[/quote] Thanks.... I ordered the part from Pioneer, and should get it tomorrow. I opted for the 2nd shipping, since it is driving me nuts not to have my screen function. I will install and report on how it goes. I looked at the instructions, and it does not look too bad. Will update after the repair.
  3. N1 to N3 brain or chip replacement.

    I have an N2, with the most recent version of the iPod adapter installed. I agree, the interface is crap. I would actually prefer to just control the iPod direct if this is all I am left with. The iPod will not work as designed unless you have a N3. You will also get the full function of the XM receiver. There is a service listed on eBay, that will upgrade to an N3, which involves hardware upgrades. I have searched the site here, and generally see that it would be difficult for a novice electrician to make the upgrades, let alone one would need a parts list, etc. I have emailed the guy on eBay, and I am waiting for a response. However, $300 is a lot for the upgrade. It looks like I can get about $600-$650 for my N2 on eBay, and then add another $300-$350 to get a refurbished N3, which I am thinking would be about as good as upgrading.
  4. So would this be a fairly easy fix? I see that the repair kit cost only about $38. I am fairly mechanically inclined, and have some working knowledge of electronics. The guy on eBay charges about $120 for this service, which sounds less the Pioneer. However, it looks like I may be able to do it myself for much less. Any thoughts?
  5. I have a problem with a blank screen. The screen opens, and the touch keys seem to work (even when the screen is blank), but the screen does not light up as it should. I have read through some of the posts to look for a solution, and the flex cable may be the problem. Can you confirm this?