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  1. Would it make sense to "upgrade" to the x940 from the x910? Is the x940 any cooler? Better maps? Faster boot? Modable? Maps easy to install?
  2. Not what this view is caled, but when I use this view, I dont have street names. The other views have street names.... and when I say views, I mean when I press the compass in the top right, it changes the view. See atrtached
  3. I used the installer... was I supposed to delete something?
  4. I just updated to this mod... but now Im missing street names on most if not all the streets/freeways. I know there was a way to enable/disable this...
  5. PIONEER CNSD-200FM Update for $98.99 + Shipping

    No they wont, they will always cost "someone" though. My buddy bought this, and I used it and it worked fine on mine.
  6. How do you go about "upgrading" this from 2.3 to this version?
  7. Pioneer 2010 Maps - CNSD-200FM

    Sure, because stealing is good... I would just "borrow" it
  8. Pioneer 2010 Maps - CNSD-200FM

    Got an email saying that Pioneer is releasing the 2010 maps for the X series. Yeah, I dont wanna spend $120 on this, any hope someone has ripped this? http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/ ... 200FM.Shop
  9. I'm not talking about toll bridges, I'm talking about driving on the freeway, getting off the freeway and driving a mile or 2 using a backroad, and the AVIC keeps telling me to turn around and get back on the freeway. If I get off the freeway I want my avic to be "smart enough" to re-route me based on the street/location that I'm on. My $100 Garmin did just that. Worked like a charn.
  10. Couple questions and I'm not sure its the mod or the maps? When I put in a destination, it seems the map doesnt calculate the route based on "common sense" i've tried changing it from the quicket to shortest route but that doesnt seem to help. If I go a different way that I know is faster off of the route, it recommends me turning around and getting back on the route its suggest apposed to continuing down the route I'm going and re-mapping it. I've also tried the "detour" option where you press the box on the left with the next turn/mileage but that just seems to do more bad than good. .... does anyone else have this issue?
  11. Rearview Cam Question

    Wasnt the wire nuts. Apparently you cant ground the ground to plastic.... It was dark when I was doing this, one side was metal, the other was plastic. I grounded it somewhere else and voila. It works while the car is in motion too! Whats the difference between the polarity's? I hope I dont have to take this deck out again... its such a pain having to get the cables back in. Thanks again for all your help.
  12. Rearview Cam Question

    I changed the polarity settings back and forth and that didnt help, not even sure what it does. So since the unit was already installed I had to cut into the 12v + and splice the power into it with a wire nut. I did notice that the actual wire that came with the cam is very thin so it might not be making a good connection. Im going to solder them just to see if that makes a better connection. Could the wire nut be the issue?
  13. Rearview Cam Question

    I was impatient and started doing this anyways. Got the cable ran, connected the red wire to the 12V + and the black to a ground and the yellow video (from the cam) to the brown rear view plug on the avic. Im not getting any video though... in either situation (when actually putting it in reverse, or going to source and pressing REAR VIEW). It does go to the rear view cam when in reverse, but all black... what am I missing?
  14. Rearview Cam Question

    Just got my BOYO VTL300c. Quick question: There are 3 cables, red, black, and Yellow. The black can go to any ground, and the red goes to the 12v power? Yellow goes to the obvious. Just wanted to clarify before running the cable throughout my truck. Thanks!