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  1. NEX4100 have a PICO fuse?

    Have to give this a bump, any one know if the AVIC-8000NEX has a PICO fuse?
  2. Honda iMid blue wallpaper

    Here is the stock screen to give you an idea about what I'm looking for. I have a 2014 Accord.
  3. Looking for something maybe something similar to the Honda iMid wallpaper. Maybe in blue? Doesn't have to be. I had a great wallpaper for my NEX with a city background and the Nissan/Pioneer logos. Similar would be very cool.
  4. Organization

    Did anyone ever think about organizing these backgrounds to download such as by car manufacturer, model, sports, pop culture, and misc? I'd be will to do it if people could send me the pics instead of searching every thread.
  5. NEX 8000 needs valet mode

    You could install a separate switch for the 12v accessory wire from the stereo? A long time ago my GF didn't like wearing seatbelts so I wired up a relay from the seatbelt warning. So she had to wear that seatbelt in order to use the radio. Way back when I was a car audio installer I started offering that as an option to my customers.
  6. Just got my unit today in the mail. The vendor I purchased it from said it was in stock, after my purchase they said it would take another 1-2 weeks due to no stock so I asked for a refund. Well surprisingly I received an e-mail stating it was shipped. When I received the box something didn't feel right. The shipping box was dented and haphazardly taped. The pioneer box was just sitting in it, loose with no bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts. That box had a dented corner too. When I removed the unit there was no protective plastic on the screen and a scratch across the volume buttons with a piece of plastic chipped. I was wondering for those of you that have your units in hand, was there a piece of protective plastic on the screen for shipping purposes? Something that you would remove post-install? I just have a very odd idea that they quickly grabbed a (used unit) and shipped it to me. If not used this unit was definitely opened up before I got to it. Thanks! -Mike
  7. AVIC-F90BT firmware/map update

    I'm running the same maps since 2009 and firmware 3x. I feel ignorant and I've been searching all over for the 4.001 update with 2013 q1 us maps and I am coming to a dead end. I don't want to hack/mod my unit by changing the look or making major feature changes, just update it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Mike
  8. I have an first generation 2G Iphone that I've used with my F90Bt without any problems. Linked the phonebook and everything was fine. Well like usually I added a contact and paired the two up to exchange contact information and this time when going to the phone book there are about 200 additional entries and each one consists of about 10 letters and numbers where the name is. I have no clue where this came from and I can take a picture sometime if anyone likes. i've reset the unit, cleared the memory and attempted to resend the contact information with any success. I've restored and reloaded the iphone and played around with the format of the phone number such as 12345678900 and (123) 456-7890. I have no clue what to do so any ideas I'm all ears. -Mike
  9. Back up camera recommendations???

    Looking for some suggstions for a back up camera. Thinking about the Boyo license place frame camera for my Altima. I'll mount the bolts from inside the trunk to deter theft. Don't know if I should get the regular image or the reverse image. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm all ears. I just don't want something that looks like a big booger on my car. Trying to retain that "stock" look. Thanks. -Mike
  10. How do you verify the VSS wire is working?

    Using a voltmeter, you can measure the VSS wire in volts AC and it should read between 0.1 and 0.7 volts and while you are driving the volts will go higher. If you stop it will level off or if you go at a constant speed. -Mike
  11. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    Would someone be able to place the nissan logo in the middle of the background of the earth and moon??? Please see attached. Thanks!
  12. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    Any possibility of a Nissan logo without the carbon fiber. Say a plain black background?
  13. Ok I had this happen with both my Z1 and my F90 and it really gets me mad. While driving I will hear what almost sounds like a blown right front speaker. Its a slight hiss and the volume drops a little and crackles. I've had the same JL audio 500/5 for years. This problems is intermittent and happens when I hit a bump and I have isolated it to the headunit. After researching I found this: http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... =microfuse http://forum.sounddomain.com/ubbthreads ... 954/page/1 http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/sho ... p?p=149919 I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and besides ripping out my radio and the USB wire I had to run through my center console, is there any other way to do this? Thanks! -Mike
  14. How hard would it be to have these units shipped to someone here in the US and then for that person to ship them to the member in Canada? I've done this before with other things overseas in Europe, just wondering...
  15. Ok I did use the search but couldn't find any help. I have a Z1 with an ND-BT1 and have had no problems with it hooked up to my Samsung SGH-D807 phone. I just installed my JL 500/5 and I am having horrible problems with the handsfree operation. I can barely hear anyone and all everyone else hears is static. Any ideas?