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  1. I have the cable that came with the unit and I can do both music and videos. It also charges. Last time I drove to OK it kept it charged for the 2 hour trip. It is also a non jail broken iphone 3g
  2. jgibo1

    peace out.

    Thanks for pointing out the info.ini file. I changed a couple of mine. recalulate="Where are you going?" ask_recalulate="Off route! Recalculate?" offroute="Doh!" traffic_jam="Look out. Bad drivers ahead." overspeed="Slow down Johnny"
  3. Will I need to keep the iPhone in the Australia region all the time, or just until I transfer the phonebook? Just until you have transferred. I took it one step further and left off last name and put in one phone number only. So I just say call mary. Then it says call mary general. (in outlook i set all numbers as other)
  4. I had to resort to first name and other for voice dialing to work for me. So now when I call someone it repeats back call home general. Anyone know where this setting is and if it can be changed?
  5. jgibo1

    peace out.

    It is good to know the reboot on bootup with gps signal being week is normal. I think coming out of the garage at work with gps fully on but no signal requires me to wait at least 30 more seconds to get to to not reboot. Looking forward to your updates.
  6. jgibo1

    peace out.

    I have the same thing happen on my F90bt. But what I have noticed is it only happens when I start my car in the underground garage at work. Then I select a destination and then route. Music still plays but it reboots. Today I let it stay on for almost a minute. Looked to make sure all sats were green, then did the route and no reboot.
  7. jgibo1

    peace out.

    Any chance Samantha can be made to be selectable for her choices you changed? Like default, humorous or serious. Instead of over speed limit. Your not Mario Andretti! Or any other various things
  8. This is my scenario: I part in the lower level of a 3 story parking structure at work. Of course when I start my car I have no gps signal. Music from radio starts and I leave work. Withing 20 seconds or so gps is back at full strength. If I select a POI and do the route it reboots but music keeps playing. Then I do it again and it does the calculating route and is fine. If I cancel route it reboots again. I have repeated this 3 days in a row. Each time after it works as well. If I am at home or someplace where I am not in covered parking it hasn't done it. I was using GTIMatt's mod and just
  9. I also am having trouble with reflection. Got the image from Ford site.
  10. jgibo1

    peace out.

    Just gave it a go around town. Worked good. DId a fly over dallas and see some 3d buildings. Thanks to all. One question though. Will the files that were replaced handle updated maps? And if so which version?
  11. I finally got by f90bt to do a voice dial. Felt a little silly to actually get it to work. I think my deep voice is hard for it to understand so this is what I did. 1. Turned off contact synching with exchange mail. 2. On my laptop I changed all my contacts to just first name and used which ever phone number was the main one and removed their other ones. (Also added a 1 to the beginning of each number) 3. Changed all numbers to be Other instead of business, mobile, or home. 4. After manually synching iphone changed Region format to Australia. 5. Replaced contacts on F90 and now able to p
  12. I live in Dallas area and I did a search and found only one link with buildings mentioned for Texas but link doesn't work. So I was wondering if there is a file out there does the Dallas area have 3d buildings in it or just Houston area?
  13. /quote From what I understand 3D buildings: 1. Install hacked EZRider and a license pack from ... roduct.rar 2. Copy building (3DC) files to CONTENT\building folder 3. Add enable_buildings=1 line to [debug] section of SYS.TXT. 4. (optional) Add my setting.ui aтв setting_800_480.ui files to control building visibility on the fly 5. (optional) add some color schemes (i.e. Real View v6) to enable better building display. I tried the link in step 1 and it doesn't work. Is there another location?
  14. Where did you get your Texas file? I noticed only a few files in the building folder and Texas wasn't one of them. I live in Dallas area.
  15. 2. Create a new text document and call it "Launch Pioneer VM in 800x480.bat". Make sure you have show file extensions enabled in Windows. 3. Paste the information below into the batch file and save it. Code: "C:\program files\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0\DeviceEmulator.exe" "C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile 6 SDK\PocketPC\DeviceEmulation\0409\PPC_USA.bin" /memsize 256 /s "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 MSFP Emulator Images\pocketpc.dess" /tooltips ON /video 800x480x16 /vmname "Pioneer Emulator" I have made batch files before and don't normally have quotes. Do I nee
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