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  1. 4200 AUTO eq

    Hi, When I do the Auto EQ Measurement with my P5200BT it lowers my rear speaker almost down to zero. Wandering if you guys experienced the same? I’m riding a roadster and the rear speakers are pretty close to the back seat panel but I should still get a little bit sound of it, or?! As first I thought the Auto EQ tries to bring some surround sound into the car or something like that but that’s not the reason. Maybe the HU just want to point out that the rear speakers are too bad to bring some sound through it During the measurement all speakers are tested as supposed to be. Any thoughts? Thanks, Virzn
  2. 4200 AUTO eq

    Hi, Probably you figured it already out but I thought it's still good to mention. It seems you didn't started the Auto EQ Measurement yet which is necessary to be able to turn the Auto EQ option on or off. This measurement function should be under the system options (not under audio options). Cheers, Virzn
  3. Here is his wife and I want to say TTTHHHAAANNNKKKSSS!!!!!! He was crazy for a week and sure I couldn't help Now it work perfectly and I have my lucky Hubie back! Merry X-Mas
  4. instalation problem p

    What do you mean with "4 wires interconnected" (yellow + black + red = 3), what's the 4th wire? I don't get my P5200BT to turn on at all (and I exchanged the unit already). Thanks, Virzn
  5. Gray/Pink = Speed Black/Blue = Reverse Brake wire can be found directly at the hand brake Hope that helps! Virzn
  6. Hi, I connected all wires for the P5200BT according to the manual (12V+,Gnd.,ACC,Light,Remote,Brake) but the HU doesn't turn on. I also pushed the Reset button several times but the unit is just dead. So I disconnected everything again and used only the Yellow wire to the cars constant 12V+ / Black to the Ground wire of my car and Red to the ACC. Still dead, no noise, nothing. I measured the voltage at the pins from the unit and all got power as supposted to be. It also doesn't matter when I interconnect the ACC to the constant 12V+. So I figured the HU must be bad and returned it to the dealer and bought a new one that arrived today. So I made a quick test and connected it only with the 12V+, Gnd. and ACC and guess what - it's also dead Guys, do you have any idea what's the issue??? Do I do something wrong? I mean one unit can be bad but two in sequence?! Please Help!!! Cheers Virzn
  7. The ACC over cig solution works just great. Now everything is perfect! Thanks a lot for that tip! Even if the pac interface has this issue I still would recommend it because it combines all needed cable (speed, brake and reverse) within one plug to the car wire and it's simple to install on the F series. Thanks! Virzn
  8. @1loudls What is a cig plug socket and where would I probably find it? What does it mean to lose the retained acc - will the radio turn on when the key is in ACC position and turn off by taking the key out? By the way, thanks a lot for your really quick responses, guys
  9. The wires of the PAC interface are directly connected to the plug of the Dodge and to the proper wire of the F900bt. The power wire from F900 goes directly to the car plug and the ground wire as well without involving the PAC interface. Only the ACC connection comes out of the interface module to the radio (because the car plug doesn't have a pure ACC wire but somehow the information coming from the car is translated by the interface module). The ACC out of the interface has an output of exactly 12v 1amp. Can it be that F900bt needs a little bit more or something?
  10. Hi all! I searched the web and just found this great forum. So many problems are solved and I hope you guys can help with my too. I decided for the F900bt (2.0 update already installed) and installed it in my 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan (w/o factory amp or steering wheel controls). To replace the head unit I installed the PAC C2R-CHY4 replacement interface. That was a pretty easy thing, all wires connected and GPS and Mic installed - everything works fine. Until I realized later that the radio turns off and restarts randomly when I open or close one powered window of the car. It doesn't matter which window it is and it don't happen each time. But of course I want to stop that. So I thought maybe the PAC interface module has an issue and sent it back to the seller and bought a another one. You can imagine - the same issue with the new interface. I also checked again all wire connections and couldn't find any issue here. Do you have any idea what can cause the issue? Thanks in advance! Virzn