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  1. Chime Retention & Backup Camera Questions

    Pioneer Cam in my Stang. I love the clarity. (The halo you see is due to the fact that I mounted the cam inside the trunk keyhole to hide it)
  2. AVIC-D2 Hack, no working!! Help!!

    Yea don't listen to the stores. ... I'm sure it's store policy not to tell you about the bypass. (read: Liability) It can be done with the D2. Trust me 8)
  3. Custom Background Gallery

    Request #2
  4. Custom Background Gallery

    Request #1
  5. Custom Background Gallery

    [quote name="Anonymous"]o5silverGT if you are still into making custom backgrounds,can you do anything with an F-250 Super Duty with the Powerstroke Diesel?[/quote] Sure thing. I just moved across thew country.. but finally all settled in. I'll post up a couple ideas on here.
  6. Upgrades to the user interface?

    [quote name="Anonymous"] the ii is the same as the regular one, no change just the cable is one cable that goes to the iPod instead of the 2 it had before.[/quote] I think you are mistaken. Connectors to the ipod are the same on both. (See links below) Only confirmed differences are the size and color of the unit. Since they are out of stock everywhere no one knows much about the new unit. ...you might be referring to the Pioneer AUX adapter, which I have, that uses two RCA cables inputs. That is not a true ipod adapter. CD-IB100ii [url]http://www.crutchfield.com/S-iDC2P1sf9O7/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?g=227550&I=130IB100II[/url] CD-IB100 [url]http://www.crutchfield.com/S-CrCqCwP6e5P/cgi-bin/prodview.asp?I=130cdib100&search=CDIB100[/url]
  7. How 'bout changing the sounds?

    Anyone tried replacing the wav files you can assign to locations? Just curious... I know you cant substitute them on a neew DVD like the backgrounds. I think you need to have them on the DVD you install with. Any input?
  8. Both are not connected & not grounded. Everything works great. I was going to connect the VSS wire but the NAV seems to track perfect without it. And the Reverse wire... Everytime I start the car the AVIC begins with the full screen reverse view until I switch to nav. So it doesnt bother me that much. I'll connect it when i get a chance.
  9. That's weird... 85% I havent noticed any problems yet *knocks on wood* but it's only been less than a week. The parking brake should show ON if it's grounded. I never hooked up my VSS wire.. I wonder if that is causing problems for you.
  10. I performed the lockout bypass on my D2 last night. Worked like a charm.
  11. [quote name="NYRngrs24"]I want to do this too, itd be cool to have a logo spinnign around. I know the basics of flash, and i know 3d programs, I can get teh animation done, i just dont know how to get it into pim format.[/quote] Same here.. I know some Flash and have created a lot of animated .gif images. But this PIM stuff looks funky. I'm wondering if "animated" just means "color changing" If thats the case then we would be very limited.

    [quote name="NYRngrs24"]you dont have any issues with the pim being transparent or anything?[/quote] Yea... a small portion of the PIM goes transparent to the rearview cam on occasion if you switch from the partial rearview cam mode to AV. But if you revert to the fullscreen map and then return to AV its perfect. Not a big deal to me. Here's another pic... [img]http://www.webfortress.com/WF1/img/Stang/posted/avscreen.jpg[/img]
  13. Custom Background Gallery

    That's my handywork. I'll post up the others I made when I get home tonight. I enjoy messing with Photoshop... any requests out there?