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    how is the night vision on that camera?
  2. Left Rear Speaker Not Working

    Well I started having issues with the connection to the iPhone disconnecting when i'd just move it. So I decided to get the Apple cable for 40 bucks and hope I would solve two problems at once. It's been two weeks and I now have 0 problems with any type of distorted sound or connectivity issues with iPhone dealing with music. You guys are right, don't go cheap on the cable and just go with the authentic one.
  3. Left Rear Speaker Not Working

    Hmmmmm I may just need a new cable then! Thanks for the tip.
  4. Left Rear Speaker Not Working

    I have a similar problem. Only it varies from both right speakers to either just rear one. It also usually only happens on iPod/iPhone. I switch to any other component, they work fine. Other times it works on iPhone/iPad and not on SD card or something else. Very frustrating. I think my unit is just dying on me..
  5. F900BT sound problems

    lol so i go down to my car ready to check the wiring and lo and be hold it all works fine.. again.. when i'm ready to try to fix it.. it's like it knows..
  6. F900BT sound problems

    aaaaaaaaand the problem is back. riding along jamming and then wham bam 3 speakers die down again down to a muffle so only 1 works fully.. i switch modes and only 3 work. i switch back to iphone/ipod and 3 work again. i have no clue
  7. Button broke off F900BT

    and it's not a replacement for your current knob, it goes over the one you have.
  8. F910bt full backup needed!

    bleh way to bring up old posts.. i thought i was helping someone out in a timely manner
  9. F910bt full backup needed!

    i just created a torrent with my x910 backup. download and remove the .zip from it. x910Backup with 3.010100 Update Applied with 2009 q2 maps.torrent.zip
  10. Button broke off F900BT

    mine broke off as well. i ended up buying a new one from pioneer website but honestly, i regretted it. you can just throw on some super glue and it'll work like a champ again. if it's peeling, order a black knob from the guy who sells them here. it's what i did and i love it.
  11. F900BT sound problems

    Oh cool.. lol... I went to my car to see what version I had to begin replacing stuff. What do ya know? Everything works fine and in all modes too. No idea what the problem is even if it's still there.
  12. Last week when I went on a road trip, i noticed the sound from both my right side of speakers and front left were off. Figured it was a loose wire so as i was driving, I was going to turn the car off/on. I poped it in neutral and as i turned the motor off, the right side turned on. So figured it's a loose wire somewhere because my front driver side still didn't work. Playback of music was all from iphone. Later that day after a pit stop, I got back in the car and my right side wasn't working again. To see if it was in all modes, i switched from iphone source to CD. Lo and behold, all speakers but front left work. Same with SD card source. A soon as I switch back to iphone source, the right side died again. I restarted the car and cleaned the iphone connection wire and now all speakers but driver left work in all modes. I don't know if it's a loose wire or if my radio is starting to die. Anyone have any ideas? Just to clarify something, when I say my speakers "off," a little bit of sound was coming out of them. Not music, but like little muffled noises of the song. It wasn't understandable and I had to mute all the other speakers in the car to hear the noise so it was very very low sound.
  13. my f900bt does this too. i thought it was due to the subwoofers i have but eh who knows..
  14. USB Auto Startup?

    viewtopic.php?f=33&t=23624&p=163315#p163315 dunno if that helps ya. it did for me.
  15. black screen @ random power up

    sometimes, not all the time, when i turn on the car and the radio powers up, the screen will turn black. 10 seconds later it will load up the wrong image. let's say when i power up with last listening to a cd and all works normaly, it loads the cd screen with the song list as it should and all is fine. When it doesn't work the way it should, it turns black. then it loads the "directions" menu screen with all the options of the "normal" cd screen. the radio just loaded up the wrong image but all the buttons work as if it had loaded the right image. weird. only random. only been happening since i installed 3.0. the quick fix to this is to tap anywhere on the screen and it instantly reverts back to the "normal" screen that it should of been on the whole time. anyone else have this problem? any fixes? sorry if it's hard to understand.. kind of hard to explain..